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Dimitri Snowden Going To JAIL For BEATING His Ex-girlfriend Ariadne Joseph!

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Dimitri Snowden

An ex partner of Seeking Sister Wife star, Dimitri Snowden Ariadne Joseph — is claiming that the reality star “choked” her during their relationship and is demanding that he “go to jail.” 

Ariadne spoke to The Sun about her nine month long relationship with Dimitri Snowden. Her abuse claim comes after Dimitri’s second wife, Christeline Peterson, alleged similar abusive treatment. Peterson, who is appearing on the current season of the TLC series, filed to obtain a restraining order against her husband before he ultimately filed for divorce. Peterson’s initial temporary request was granted, but a judge tossed the case after the pair appeared in court, ruling that Peterson did not meet the burden of proof. 

Ariadne connected with Dimitri in an online polygamy group, in 2012. The duo spoke for years before Ariadne agreed to fly from Louisiana to Georgia to connect with Dimitri and his spiritual wife, Ashley, in 2016.

Ariadne was allegedly welcomed by Ashley Snowden, who was “naked,” upon her arrival. 

“When I walked into the house, I greeted my potential sister wife with no clothes on. He required me to be naked too,” she claimed. 

Ashley seemed sweet,” she continued. “The first month was blissful. I was really happy the first month. I wanted to be happy. I had taken a leap of faith trusting him with myself and my children.”

Things began to shift after Dimitri began to make demands that allegedly included Ashley being present during their sexual romps. 

“I woke up in the middle of the night to Dimitri straddled on my chest. This man was on my chest with his hands around my neck,” Ariadne said of one episode. 

Ashley was on the other end of the bed. It woke her up because I’m screaming for him to stop. He did not let up. I was trying not to fight him. I bit him. He yelled and he got up and he loosened the grip off my body and neck,” she said. 

“I’m crying and shaking. Ashley’s asking him what’s going on. He told her he had a bad dream. I was shocked and mortified,” Ariadne revealed. 

The professional actress shared that she later went through his work phone and discovered texts from multiple women. She confronted Dimitri when  Ashley wasn’t home and claimed that he attacked her, after denying her allegations.  

“I’m screaming and he’s choking me. I couldn’t breath. I’m fighting for air. I’m grabbing at his hands. I’m pulling and I’m scratching trying to get his hands off me. And he released me,” she said. “I’m in shock and I lifted myself slowly. He ran over to his desk and he punched it. Once I gained footing and was able to breathe I ran out of the room.”

“I did not call the police because he begged me not to. He apologized. He said he has never done anything like that. ‘I snapped. I felt like you violated my privacy,’” Ariadne added. 

Ariadne’s daughter, who was a teenager at the time, shared her account of the incident. 

 “I was upstairs in one of the kids rooms with them. I heard them talking at first. I remember they were talking in the basement. Suddenly I heard yelling and smashing. I went downstairs… just to make sure they  were all right in case she was hurt or anything,” she alleged.

“I stayed there for a while and he continued talking with her. I think he got loud again and that’s when I popped into the room. I don’t remember what happened after that, it kind of went black,” she added.

Seeking Sister Wife

Ariadne left the Snowden family nine months after her arrival. 

“He said he’ll give me the money to leave,” she claimed. “I didn’t have a way to leave. All I had was my car and children. He helped me with getting an apartment. He paid for the down payment.” 

Ariadne noted that she struggled with depression after her departure. 

“I did go into a depression and got therapy because it was very traumatizing,” she shared. 

Dimitri needs to be in jail for domestic violence. I need these people off of national television, bringing these women in,” Ariadne added. 

Dimitri and Ashley have been part of Seeking Sister Wife for three seasons, and have been unable to successfully integrate a permanent sister wife into their family. 

Seeking Sister Wife  airs on Mondays at 8 pm, ET, on TLC. 


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