RECAP: ‘Married at First Sight’ Explosive Moments From the Reunion Part 1

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Married at First Sight

Kevin Fraser hosts the Married at First Sight reunion. Here’s where everyone was on Decision Day and the latest update after the cameras stop rolling.

Virginia Coombs and Erik Lake

Married at First Sight

Decision: Erik decides to stay married and proposed to her with a ring. Virginia says yes. 

They watch tape roll of some good times and rough times. Erik does admit he comes off “a certain way.” At the taping of the reunion show, Erik and Virginia are living in Erik’s condo with the full complement of animals. One thing that viewers didn’t know was that Virginia has a false positive Covid test that changed the timeline of their wedding. 

Erik’s mother, Donna, makes an appearance to speak highly of her new daughter-in-law. And his mom says that Erik is more mellowed out and happy. Donna has excellent advice, to “always be honest and think about the words you say to each other.” 

Clara Berghaus and Ryan Oubre

Married at First Sight

Decision: Clara wanted to stay married. Ryan paused in the moment, got in his head, but ultimately decided to stay married. 

It looks like these two are still in about the same place — married, but not saying “I love you” yet? Kevin asks them if they plan to raise their children in the church, touching on one of their big concerns during the process. They haven’t sorted that out yet. Clara announces that they do plan to get “remarried” soon and have a party for everyone who didn’t get to attend their first ceremony.

Kevin pushes Ryan about saying, “I love you.” Ryan says that he hasn’t said it, but Kevin keeps prodding, “Do you love her?” Ryan says, “I think I do.” Then he says, “I love you” to Clara. So, what about sex? They refuse to answer. Then Kevin asks if Ryan was a virgin when they got married. Ryan says no. 

Vincent Morales and Briana Miles

Married at First Sight

Decision: Vincent decided that he wants to stay married. He got on one knee and asked her to marry him with a cheesecake. Briana said yes!

Briana has moved into Vincent’s place. They seem happy and are still married. Vincent loves to brag about his wife and her career. Vincent says he’s working on his oversensitivity. And Briana says that she’s working on her bossiness.

Kevin interviews the women altogether. They talk about the importance of sisterhood and the advice and support they gave each other during this whole process. Kevin asks Haley Harris to save Jacob Harder’s reputation and say that there was a connection (and she just couldn’t do it). Haley says, “We didn’t connect.” Haley goes on to explain that she and Jake didn’t have a connection. She tried everything (and he will likely disagree). And she goes as far as implying that sex wasn’t good. The women have Paige Banks’ back when discussing how Chris Williams kept coming back over and over, playing games. 

Chris Williams and Paige Banks

Married at First Sight

Decision: Paige decided to get a divorce. If they asked Chris that day, it wasn’t shown on camera. All three of the experts were exhausted from the drama. 

The big shocker with Paige and Chris is that after Decision Day, they agreed to go to counseling to reconcile. But they did eventually agree to divorce. Chris says that he is too immature to be married (understatement). Kevin plays that horrible cringy clip where Chris tells Pastor Cal Roberson that he wasn’t attracted to her face. Paige said that watching that clip “broke her spirit.” As Chris finishes an apology, Kevin says, “You have beautifully prepared answers to these things, and I commend you. It’s like beautiful media training.”

Paige does say she regrets having sex so soon and so often in their marriage. Chris wants to shut down the sex talk. Then Kevin asks if Mercedes still has the Mercedes. 

A montage of footage replays about Chris’ pastor, Pastor Dwight Kevin Buckner, Jr., meeting with Paige. Then it turns again to whether or not Mercedes was ever pregnant. Chris is upset with Pastor Dwight, and then Pastor Dwight appears to discuss his take on Paige and Chris’ marriage. Chris is upset that Pastor Dwight met with Paige and also diminished Mercedes to build up Paige in his conversations. Then Kevin calls Chris on his B.S. and reminds Chris that HE was the one tearing Paige down. Kevin asks, “Why can’t you forgive him for saying something you didn’t like?”

Pastor Dwight says that his main concern is both of them as a couple, and “Chris does not like correction.” Chris is confrontational with Pastor Dwight. And despite Kevin’s attempts to calm Chris down, it wasn’t going to happen. In true Chris Williams form, he gets angry, flips out, and storms off. And he challenges them to a fight in the parking lot.

Jacob Harder and Haley Harris

Decision: Jacob said he did not want to continue to try to work on this marriage. And Haley agreed that she wanted to get a divorce. 

Next time, on Part 2 of the reunion, Haley and Jacob sit down to talk to Kevin. And the experts weigh in with thoughts on this season of the show.


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