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‘RHONY’ RECAP: Eboni K. Williams Confronts Ramona Singer For ‘Triggering’ Racially Insensitive Comment

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Ramona Singer

This week on The Real Housewives of New York City, the ladies are in the Hamptons. In this episode, they take a trip to a local winery where Eboni K. Williams brings up the uncomfortable comment by Ramona Singer about “the help.” Leah McSweeney and Ramona argue about whether or not Ramona lied about donating blood plasma. And Sonja Morgan has an alcohol-fueled meltdown.

The episode begins with Ramona and Sonja in the same bed. Nothing new there. Luann de Lesseps visits Eboni in her room. Eboni brings up right away how uncomfortable she was that Ramona called someone “the help” and couldn’t remember names. Then there is a montage of clips of Ramona doing this for years. Luann does explain that Ramona isn’t racist and doesn’t have ill intent. 

Ramona Singer

Leah shows up in an outfit of mixed animal prints. Ramona didn’t like Leah’s outfit and is not quiet about it. They head to North Fork, Long Island, for a wine tasting. If Leah and Luann are not drinking, this could be uncomfortable. Eboni takes the opportunity right away to talk to Ramona about how people could feel devalued by calling them “the help.” Eboni explains calmly to Ramona the reason behind her own sensitivity to the word. 

Then Leah jumps right in on whether Ramona donated blood plasma (Covid antibodies). Ramona maintains that she didn’t lie about donating blood plasma. Leah keeps coming at her. Ramona gets defensive, angry, and walks away from the table. Luann goes to find Ramona. Ramona is in the toilet and announces that she has diarrhea. 

Leah McSweeney

Sonja tries to explain to Ramona that there is a “cancelation.” Sonja is trying to look for the phrase, “cancel culture.” Ramona isn’t listening. She’s focused on her hospitality, heating up the pool, inviting Leah to her home. And then, in an attempt to boost her argument, Ramona implies that Leah is wearing too many prints. “She’s dressed like a safari.” Ramona says that Leah is wearing too many prints, and Sonja says, “So are you.” Ramona screams and feels better.

As Ramona and Sonja walk back to the table, they flirt with the men along the way. And when they get back to recount the story of the man who told Sonja that she has “an amazing body,” Luann says, “What man?” Classic Luann. As they leave the table, Eboni loads up lobster in her purse while everyone chugs down their wine for the road.

On the ride to the next location to go shopping, Sonja is already wasted. Ramona buys sage in order to rid the house of certain energies before Heather Thomson arrives. Luann buys a shirt for Sonja. Sonja falls all over Luann and drunk-talks about how she wants Luann to herself. No Garth. No Garth. No Garth, in reference to Luann’s new obsession.

Next up is dinner at American Beech Restaurant, Bar, and Inn in Greenport, New York. As if there hadn’t been enough alcohol already, Luann reserves a private bar for the ladies. Sonja and Luann are wearing their matching shirts. Ramona orders oysters (of course) and Sonja wants shrimp. Eboni jokes that Sonja doesn’t really want “a shrimp.” And Eboni goes on to talk about there is such a thing as “too big.” Sonja says, “Too big is just a nuisance. At my age… ”

Luann is having a moment outside to cope with her anxiety. When Luann comes back with her fake alcohol in a wine glass, she and Leah (with a mocktail) disagree about coping strategies and crutches in their own individual sobrieties. 

Sonja is obviously drunk, and she says she just wants to be herself. She doesn’t want to be a “cancel consolation.” Then Luann corrects Sonja to say, “cancel culture.” And Ramona, in true Ramona fashion, chimes in with “Why would we want to cancel culture?” Eboni is explaining the difference between canceling the culture and cancel culture canceling individuals. At this point, Ramona thinks Sonja is getting close to “the danger zone,” so she takes Sonja’s wine glass away. 

Leah jumps in to spoil the fun to ask the group to come up with “a plan” for Heather. Leah is upset about the Heather talking crap about everyone in the press. Leah starts reading what Heather has “said” to the press about Sonja and Luann. After stirring the pot, Leah seems excited at the prospect of confronting Heather. 

Luann switches the topic to the workout they are going to do in the morning with Garth Wakeford. So, right at the table, Luann Facetimes Garth. Sonja is a bitter mess (and has another wine glass) and decides she’s going to Facetime her friend, William. Then Sonja starts slurring her words, talking about “We need to protect the poor. Stocks are going up. The poor are getting poorer. The homeless are getting homeless-ler (yes, -ler)” Then she talks about William being the “supplier of diversity.” Then she talks about raising millions for the LBGTQ community. And then she calls William again. Eboni picked up the phone to talk to William. He works for Chase, helping to close the wealth gap. Eboni says she’s about to get her mortgage through Chase because of the work Chase is doing. Ramona says that Wells-Fargo has better rates. And Sonja loses her mind. She says, “It’s not my family. It’s not J.P. Morgan.” 

Next time, the drunken-Sonja rant continues. Luann breaks down being around the drunken messes. Garth makes an appearance in the cougar house. And the dinner party/Heather confrontation begins. 


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