RECAP: ‘Married To Medicine’ Quad Confronts Toya About Her “Bulls**t Ass Apartment” Diss!

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This week on Married To Medicine we begin with Toya Bush-Harris and  Dr. Eugene Harris conversing in the kitchen, while Toya unloads her feelings about their sons newfound privacy. Toya is ecstatic due to her boys being back in school, while Eugene and Toya have some alone time. A quick flashback shows Toya driving in her Porsche, meeting up with Anila Sajja, while playing a little tennis on the side. Clearly having her sons out the way, has given Toya some of her freedom back; and I aint even made at her! Since Toya has some extra time on her hands, I wonder if she’ll reconsider making amends with the rest of the ladies. Before Toya can consider what to do with the ladies, her sons come downstairs, for help with their homework. 

Making a few jabs towards Heavenly Kimes, Toya is cracking herself up as her sons look on confused. Clearly not hip to the world of shade, the boys quickly attempt to focus on their work at hand. After a brief view of the Atlanta skyline, we head to Dr. Simone Whitmore house. Greeting her son Miles after she made herself some coffee, Simone wants to get right down to business. Miles’s budgeting. Concerned because Miles decided to take a gap year, Simone just wants to make sure Miles is prepared for the real world. Miles makes a joke about packing Cecil Whitmore with him when he moves out, and when Simone breaks it down that Miles is responsible for his bills; his tone quickly changes. There’s nothing wrong with spoiling your kids, but I believe Simone knows its time to cut the umbilical cord on Miles. After going on a few of Miles’s big purchases, Simone realizes that Miles is going to need a little bit more help. (Clearly) Let’s hope Miles isn’t living with his parents into his 30’s.

Next, we see Anila Sajja as she enters Lisa Nicole Cloud’s boutique for a quick visit. It’s about time the two get together to learn more about each other. Having a full-on shopping experience, Lisa Nicole shows Anila some pieces and the two are genuinely having a great time! Agreeing to blog a few of Lisa Nicole items, Anila list her prices as Lisa Nicole agrees. Anila needs to make that money, especially if she keeps going over the budget for her new house. Satisfied with her business transaction, Lisa Nicole and Anila sit to chat a bit. Confused about the confrontation between Anila and Toya; Lisa Nicole asks what happened. Surprisingly, Anila responds by saying she’s felt bullied by Toya. Lisa Nicole tells Anila to stand her ground and tell Toya how she feels. Before Anila can respond, Quad Webb-Lunceford calls Anila to invite her to her house party. 

Noticing that Quad wasn’t going to extend an invitation to Lisa Nicole, she took this opportunity to ask if she can come herself. Wanting to start fresh and let the past go. Now look at that, a level of maturity from Quad. I love it! At Dr. Contessa Metcalf’s new office, she is open and ready for business. Although the staff are having a few technical issues, Contessa is happy and seems to be in her element. Dr. Scott Metcalf meets Contessa at the office, while dropping off some supplies from storage. While Scott injects Contessa with her own plasma; Contessa takes this time to let Scott know how overwhelming she feels. Contessa is trying to tell Scott that she doesn’t have time for her own wellbeing, but Scott is not listening. He thinks Contessa is there to stay, since they just signed a lease to their new practice. Trying her hardest to get Scott to agree on therapy, Contessa is not letting her marriage go down without a fight!

With balloons and food everywhere, Quad is in the zone as she preps for her upcoming event. Drinks, music, and carefree energy is what Quad is going for; and I hope this not is successful. Simone meets Dr. Jackie Walters at her house while Jackie shows off her new closet. Jackie wanting to get to the nitty gritty, asks Simone how she feels Quad’s party will go. Simone says that it depends on the mood of Heavenly, Toya and Quad; and that Toya is frustrated because she’s finally doing well, but Heavenly is continuously dogging her out. Toya has been angry and doesn’t know where to direct her anger towards. Let’s just hope Toya doesn’t go off on the wrong person at Quad’s house. Toya is at home picking out her outfit for the party, while contemplating her current friendships. Toya wants her sisters back and we can see the pain seeping through her pores. Fingers crossed this group can reunite. 

Quad’s house is ready, and the food looks delicious! Masks in tow and Lysol on demand, Anila is the first guest to arrive. Shortly afterward Heavenly arrives, with Contessa not too far behind. Toya being late as always is the last person to arrive. Not wanting to wait for Toya, the ladies dig into the food and start with the dance contest. Toya being nobody’s fool, decides to arrive with Kari Wells in tow. Lordt, doesn’t Toya know not to bring uninvited guest to other people’s house? This aint gonna be good. While Quad is explaining the dance contest, Quad complains about tacky Toya and her tag-a-long. Toya is still upset at Anila and gives her the cold shoulder. Quad letting it be known that she didn’t know Kari was coming; Kari decides to be the bigger person in hopes the two can leave the past behind. 

Leaving the shade on the table for now, the dance contest gets started! Jackie and Simone are the old ladies of the group, while the second team has a little more rhythm in them. Team one still won, but who’s really keeping score? The liquor has starting setting in and everyone is having a great time. No matter how much these women bicker, I can tell they really love each other at their core. As Quad begins to direct the ladies to the fourth floor, Toya decided to top off her drink with some Patron. We all know where this is heading right? Simone and Toya take the elevator, while the rest of the ladies take the stairs. Simone makes a quick statement that Toya needs to clear the air; while Toya lets her know she has the Patron in her system. While Contessa, Anila and Kari try out Quad’s sleep number, Toya is getting a little loose at the mouth. Toya tells Jackie “You seem to always be in your own world” and Jackie response with “It works for me”, while Toya hits her back with “It works for you, but it doesn’t work for this group”. What in the world?! Why is Toya coming for Jackie for doing nothing?

Surprised, Jackie decides to chuck it up to Toya being grumpy Toya, while Simone tries to get to the bottom of Toya’s mood swings. Not wanting to get into the conversation tonight, Toya tries to change the subject; but the ladies have other plans in mind. Contessa states that she’s glad Toya is there, while Quad explains to the group how she gave Toya the option to come or not. As Quad tells Kari how happy she is that she came, Kari tells the ladies she’s there because Toya hasn’t been feeling supported by the group. Not allowing anyone to feel sorry for Toya, Heavenly jumps in and states Toya has talked about everyone’s home, including Quad’s. Toya asks why Heavenly is including herself, and Heavenly threatens to pull the receipts. In Toya’s confessional, she admits to being tipsy while on Cecil and Simone’s live; but I doubt that’ll get her out of this mess. 

Married To Medicine

Toya tries to explain herself, but Heavenly is not letting this go and all hell breaks loose. Toya tells Heavenly to mind her business, and the two begin a screaming match. Toya gets up and starts to argue with Quad about whether Quad lives in an apartment or not. As Toya attempts to leave, Quad is seen screaming at her as she goes down the stairs. Everyone is confused why everything blew up the way it did, but its clear Quad, Heavenly and Toya are a long way from reconciling. Heavenly claims she doesn’t have nothing to do with it, while Simone talks with an emotional Toya outside. Quad claims she wanted a simple apology and that she wants to get to the root of their issues; while Toya is upset that Jackie sits back as Heavenly stirs the pot. The group sits back to reflect on the recent situation, and for some reason Simone shuts Quad down before Quad can say a word. Simone feels like Heavenly gassed Quad up to be mad, and Simone’s right. Simone tells Quad to be willing to listen to Toya and apologizes for being loud with her. A lot has gone down in this episode, but there seems to be a shift happening. Let’s hope for the best and find out next week!  


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