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Erika Jayne’s Husband Thomas’ Mercedes Benz Repoed For Non-Payment!

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Tom Girardi, the estranged husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Erika Jayne, is down one vehicle as his Chapter 7 bankruptcy case rolls on. 

A judge signed off on the seizing of Tom Girardi’s 2018 Mercedes Benz, as an appointed trustee continues to work toward paying off the former famed lawyer’s massive debt. A creditor, Daimier Trust, filed a motion requesting permission to take Thomas’ luxury car, according to court documents obtained by Radar Online. 

The company alleged that Thomas leased the vehicle through his law firm, Girardi Keese, and stopped paying the $2,183 monthly payments, racking up a $13,298 debt. Daimier Trust was required to file the motion in order to bypass a frozen assets restriction set in place by Thomas’ Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Followers of the case know that Thomas and his firm were forced into the bankruptcy by his creditors, and that the RHOBH couple has been slammed by multiple lawsuits amid their high profile divorce.

Erika Jayne

The company is also seeking to recover $81,661.32, the amount Thomas still owes on the principle of the car. 

As reported, Robert Girardi, the brother of Tom Girardi, was put in place to serve as his brother’s temporary conservator, in February. 

Erika Jayne

Robert claimed that his brother wasn’t able to participate in an early  February hearing because he suffered a medical emergency in late January. 

Tom Girardi

Robert filed documents addressing Thomas’ involuntary bankruptcy case, alleging that his brother was experiencing short-term memory loss, and needed a conservator. He alleged that Thomas is “incapable of realizing” the consequences of the legal filings.

“My brother is incapable of realizing and understanding the repercussions of the bankruptcy filings pending against him and his law firm Girardi Keese notwithstanding having [it] explained to him over and over and by various people,” Robert said. “Furthermore, my brother is not capable of making rational decisions with respect to his financial responsibilities and offers solutions and opinions that are factually impossible.”

Erika Jayne

Thomas also faces eviction from his $16 million Pasadena mansion, according to multiple reports. 

A March deal struck between Thomas’ trustee and his conservator states that Thomas will be booted from his longtime Pasadena home once the trustee finds a buyer for the property. The proceeds from the real estate sale will be used to repay the lawyer’s numerous creditors.

Erika Jayne

Thomas will have 20 days from the date of the sale to vacate the property. It remains unclear where Thomas will go after the property is sold. Erika left the mansion late last year, after filing for divorce from her husband of 21 years. She moved into a $1.5 million Hollywood residence and has not returned to the palatial California home.

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