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Quad Webb Plans To EXPOSE Toya Bush-Harris at ‘Married To Medicine’ Reunion!

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Quad Webb

Quad Webb promises to give the “inside scoop” behind her feud with co-star, Toya Bush-Harris, during the upcoming Married To Medicine reunion series.

Heavenly Kimes

Quad has been caught up in an Instagram beef with Heavenly Kimes in recent episodes, but has also been coming down hard on Toya, as the season unfolds. 

Quad Webb

Quad dished a reunion preview during a recent appearance on Andy Cohen’s chat show, “Watch What Happens Live.”

“Well, listen, I’m going to give you the inside scoop at the reunion. So stay tuned for that. But Toya started it with me first. So you can’t shoot at me and not expect for me to drop and blow cannons at you. And that’s what it is,” Quad said.

“So she basically said I have a little bullsh*t a*s apartment. I guess she thought she had something I couldn’t get. Or didn’t have. So she took a moment to I guess rub my nose in it, the fact that she had a home and I at the time, I was still in a townhome,” she added. 

Heavenly Kimes

Fans know that Quad has taken aim at Toya’s financial status during the currently airing season, and has shaded her co-star for allegedly living above her means. 

Quad Webb and Heavenly Kimes gossiped about Toya while shooting the breeze during the pandemic, in a scene featured earlier this season. 

Toya got her a new house,” said Heavenly, adding that Toya had been acting “mean” since her real estate purchase. 

Heavenly Kimes

Heavenly pointed to an Instagram Live share, which Toya did alongside Dr. Simone Whitmore and her hubby, Cecil, where she threw shade at Quad’s digs. 

“But she hasn’t done that, and she only films with Heavenly,” Toya said,  referring to Quad not “showing her situation” on camera. “And they only in that bulls** a** apartment. Talking that bulls***.”

“I’m just saying, y’all are cool. Right?” Heavenly asked Quad after showing her the IG video, which sparked a sharp response from Quad. 

Quad Webb alleged that the Toya had to “beg, borrow and steal” to score the $2 million, five bed, eight bath house. The property boasts a two story closet, 6 fireplaces and a giant pool. 

Quad claimed that Toya took out a $100k loan just to cover the pool. 

“She should be the last person talking about anybody’s house and especially talking about mine because I know her real tea in terms of how she even got the motherf–king house,”  Quad said. “She begged, borrowed and stole and just in that order. The girl took out a $100,000 personal loan just to get the pool, b***.”

“B*** don’t talk about my house when you barely got yours,” Quad added. “She barely, by the skin of her teeth got her house!”

Married To Medicine airs on Sundays, at 9 pm, ET, on Bravo.



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