Shekinah Jo CONFIRMS Tiny Harris Set Her Up, PLUS Tiny Claps Back!

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Shekinah Jo took to social media to explain why her relationship with her ex-bestie, Tiny Harris, crashed and burned — and Tiny has fired back with her own take on the shattered friendship. 

Shekinah Jo spoke out on Instagram Live, after the drugging/sexual assault allegations against Tiny and T.I. Harris surfaced on the internet. Shekinah was met with backlash, with many users slamming her for calling out Sabrina Peterson. 

Shekinah alleged that Sabrina was embroiled in sexual escapades with the couple, and that she used to help Tiny and T.I. recruit women. Shekinah took online hits by users who blasted her for supposedly implicating the couple in the brewing scandal. Shekinah alleged that Tiny was in the room when she sounded off during the livestream, and was even telling her what to say. Shekinah took issue with Tiny not speaking up in her defense after IG users turned against her, and said that her friend’s refusal to speak up was “the last straw.”  

She also claimed that she was paid only “tips” to work on Tiny and her daughters’ hair, for years. 

As reported, Tyrone A. Blackburn is legally representing at least seventeen alleged victims who all claim to have suffered at the hands of the rapper and his wife. The alleged victims claim to have been either sexually assaulted, drugged, trafficked or raped by the couple or by their friends. 


The claims against the couple date back to 2005 and the alleged victims range in age, with the youngest alleging that she was assaulted at the age of 17. The women all claim that the couple used their celebrity, money, drugs and alcohol to lure them and take advantage of them. Many people close to the couple have publicly vouched for their characters, amid growing calls for an investigation.  

Tiny jumped into the comment section of Shekinah’s post to respond to her former friend’s allegations. 

“Y’all can believe this dizzy bitch if u like! Why in tf would I ask her to say what she said?!? True enough she wanted to speak up for me as a friend & I appreciate that but I NEVER EVER told her to say ANY of the sh*t she said,” Tiny wrote. 

“That’s on MY LIFE & EVERYTHING I Love,” Tiny continued. “She wrote me a book & said ppl don’t need to know but yet going to live talking about me daily. Worst kinda friend to have!! If we not cool, we not cool..move on as I have quietly. It’s a shame I’m addressing this bs now! Just sick of all the lies. Day after day!! I will forever wish her nothing but the best still. It’s sad when close friends turn to enemies but God has his way & I won’t?? Him!”

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