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‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Has A Secret Boyfriend In Utah?

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Sister Wives

TLC wrapped Season 15 of Sister Wives a few weeks ago — but fans continue to sound off about Meri Brown’s strained relationship with her once legal husband, Kody Brown. 

Meri Brown often posts cryptic quotes on social media, leaving fans to run wild with speculation about what’s really going on behind the scenes. The show featured an especially awkward scene during the recently aired season, where Kody shot down Meri’s flirting skills during a self-filmed outing. 

Sister Wives - Meri Brown

Meri recently shared a vague nod to her marriage on her Instagram stories, via a quote. 

“Love is a commitment. A verb. A constant effort. Not an emotion. You don’t feel love. You do it.”

Meri regularly hosts an Instagram Live chat called “Friday With Friends” — where fans share their thoughts with the TLC star. One viewer recently asked Meri to weigh in on how she deals with feelings of irrelevancy.

“How do you deal with feeling you aren’t important??? Please tell me because my faith says make it work but my head says, be happy,” the fan asked in the post’s comment section. 

Sister Wives

Meri replied, “@the_only_joy_21 I totally feel important! My happiness comes from within! You got this! [purple heart emoji]”

Meri offered response crossed a boundary, as questions relating to the show are evidently off limits. 

“Can we ask you questions about the show?” a fan asked.

“No, sorry, there are contracts in place so the show is off limits. But sometimes we do random questions like ‘what is your favorite…’ or other fun questions,” Jenn, Meri’s pal and IG sidekick, said.   

Viewers continue to sound off on Twitter about the duo, even though the show is currently on hiatus. 

One fan echoed what many viewers have been saying for years — that Robyn Brown is Kody’s only romantic partner — and that Meri, Janelle and Christine Brown exist as mothers to his children.

“At this point Meri, Christine & Janelle just have the same baby daddy as Robyn. Their baby daddy just happens to be Robyn’s husband,” the viewer wrote. 

Another viewer chimed in, writing, “Meri and Christine have realized that Kody is essentially a husband and father to Robyn and her children ONLY. Janelle is also aware but won’t acknowledge it. I think some of the older kids are aware of it too.”

Another fan called out the obvious and advised Meri to run like the wind. 

Meri should go live at her family home B&B. Thank God she did everything in her power to buy it. Kody has made it plain as day, he doesn’t like her and has no desire to try and rekindle any sort of relationship with her,” the fan wrote. 

Rumors have been swirling on social media that Meri might even be stashing a secret boyfriend in her Utah B&B, since it appears that she’s been  spending lots of time in Utah, in recent days. However, there has been no leaked evidence to substantiate the claim. 

Sister Wives is currently in hiatus. 



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