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Heavenly Kimes Explains How Quad Webb Backstabbed & Betrayed Her!

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Heavenly Kimes

Heavenly Kimes continues to sound off about her Married To Medicine co-star, Quad Webb, after Quad misread an emoji that Heavenly posted under an Instagram photo. 

Heavenly Kimes

Heavenly  initially spoke out about the social media mixup to Funky Dineva, explaining her beef with Quad. 

Quad posted a s*xy picture on Instagram. I thought she looked great. So I posted an emoji, like, ‘Ooh, girl.’ Quad misinterpreted the emoji and clapped back hard. The only thing she could say is that I have a mediocre ass. Hell, bitch they got some more asses out there. And I promise you I could get one if I want one,” Heavenly said, while dishing the dirt with the gossip blogger, earlier this month.  

“I did not respond. I kind of feel bad though cause I mean she don’t have no husband that love her. She don’t have no kids,” Heavenly added. “Hopefully, we can get past it.”

Quad Webb

Fans know that Quad appears on Married to Medicine as a “friend” of the cast. Bravo demoted Quad after she divorced her ex-husband, Dr. Gregory Lunceford.

Quad Webb

Heavenly revisited the drama during her recent Married To Medicine recap posted on her YouTube channel—where she was joined by her co-star, Dr. Contessa Metcalfe. 

“Evidently she misread the emoji. She was with her friend drinking and she got high and mighty like she was gon hashtag me like, ‘mediocre body, hashtag liposuction, hashtag gastric bypass…’ all these hashtags, right? And honestly, I was thinking, damn, this b*tch sitting on ready. Almost like she hating,” Heavenly said during her YouTube recap. 

Quad Webb

“I was kind of offended because Quad is my girl. I always defended Quad no matter what. I’m rooting for you, b*tch. I’m the one bringing your name up to bring you back on the show,” Heavenly continued. 

“I’m actually advocating for you. And for you to come at me like that like I’m just some b*tch you tryna do to get back on the show, whatever you doing, was an overreaction, just like I felt like that common sh*t was an overreaction,” Heavenly added.

Quad Webb

As reported — Heavenly fired shots at returning M2M cast member, Lisa Nicole Cloud, and Toya Bush-Harris while recapping a previous Married to Medicine episode. 

Lisa Nicole, b*tch you is recycled. Toya was never your friend. She was the one who called your husband all kinds of names. And I don’t know why y’all act like y’all got amnesia. But d*mn it, I don’t. She wasn’t your friend,” Heavenly said. 

Quad Webb

Heavenly then claimed that Toya was paid off to fake a friendship with show creator, Mariah Huq. 

“They probably paid Toya to get you back on the show just like they paid her to be friends with Mariah cause is she friends with Mariah now? Nobody f*ck with Mariah so they paid Toya to be her friend. Just like they paying you to be a friend. Nobody f*cks with you really Lisa Nicole. I’m just gonna go ahead and tell you the truth. I know it, I know it for a fact,” the M2M star added. 

Married To Medicine airs on Sundays, at 9 pm, ET, on Bravo. 




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