Married To Medicine

RECAP: ‘Married To Medicine’ Toya and Anila React to ‘Unintelligent’ Diss From Heavenly!

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Married To Medicine


This week on Married To Medicine, we begin by visiting Dr. Jackie Walters and Curtis Walters as they make a snack and Dr. Contessa Metcalf rejecting a kiss from Dr. Scott. Contessa’s not messing around with this coronavirus LOL.

Married To Medicine

Kari Wells lets herself into Toya Bush-Harris house, since Toya couldn’t hear the doorbell. As the two toast to the upcoming D.C. trip, Kari decides to throw a little shade at Dr. Eugene Harris’s weight! Toya  laughs it off but let me tell you; Kari would’ve been kicked out my house! Talking about my husband like that (rolls eyes). After the laughs settle, Toya invites Kari to D.C. with the rest of the crew. Toya admittedly knows Heavenly Kimes won’t be too happy with an extra guest, but something tells me Toya is enjoying ruffling Heavenly’s feathers. The group is packing and getting the last items together for their trip, when Dr. Damon Kimes discusses the trip with Heavenly. 

Heavenly Kimes

Damon is hesitant about how successful the trip will be, especially with the turbulence the women have been going through. For some odd reason, Heavenly takes on the responsibility of “keeping the women in check”  and will make sure everything goes smoothly. Heavenly may be a lot of things, but there’s no way she really thinks she can control them…right? Time for take off!

The crew arrives on the private jet, and Heavenly starts off by moving Kari’s purse from Kari’s originally seat. Now granted, if it were my private jet and an uninvited guest came; I probably would be just as petty. Kari is vocal about Heavenly’s rudeness, but before Heavenly can get a win; Lisa Nicole Cloud comes aboard! Annoyed, Heavenly doesn’t speak to Lisa Nicole and the crew takes off. Lord, this is going to be fun…for us at least. 

Everyone arrives safely in D.C. and Heavenly begins her own photoshoot near the jet. Let that woman live and flex if she wants to! The bus is wiped down for them and Heavenly reiterates why this trip is so important to the country, and especially the Black community. The conversation turns to the room situation, and Heavenly creates a game to make the choices “fair.” Soon the game gets tense because Heavenly doesn’t think everyone is following the rules. The crew arrives at the house and everyone disperse. It’s always fun to see the couples fight for the best room, and we get a glimpse into the authenticity of their friendships. 

Dinner has arrived and we see the decorations and couples getting dressed. Heavenly tells Damon how proud she is of him and creating this opportunity to meet Rev. Al Sharpton. Rev. Al Sharpton arrives, and everyone looks so beautiful and excited to meet him. Heavenly created a beautiful outside dinner spread and everyone is on their best behavior…besides Scott and Contessa. They still haven’t come down to dinner! They’re upstairs talking and meanwhile they’re going to miss the Al Sharpton. The two finally come and make an awkward entrance and the dinner continues. The Reverend was able to commend the doctors for their generous work and contributions to the community. It was a beautiful dinner and I’m glad the doctors were able to get recognized, for their amazing work!

Married To Medicine

Still in awe from the recent interaction, the food comes out and everyone seems to be having a good time. Ben Crump arrives at dinner just in time, as Toya was beginning to get a little too open with her vagina comments. Heavenly opens the conversation up to Mr. Crump, as he talks about the two pandemics we fast as people of color. We not only have COVID19 that  we’re fighting, but Black and Brown have been fighting racism since…forever. It’s clear that police reform needs to happen and as a community we need to continue coming together to fight for what’s right. Hearing the discrimination that these doctors have been through, is not only tough but its heartbreaking. These are hard working men and women, no matter what color they are; should be treated with professionalism and respect. This is genuinely the most authentic and open conversation the group has ever had together. This is a true bonding moment, and we as the viewers got a real treat. 

Married To Medicine

Lisa Nicole Cloud gives kudos to Heavenly and Damon for the amazing dinner, and while everyone gives Mr. and Mrs. Kimes their applause, I’m realizing this was the most successful dinner in the franchise’s history.

The next day arrives and everyone is lounging around the house. Dr. Kiran Sajja arrives after having a full day of surgeries the previous day. Cecil and Curtis head out to the basketball court, while Eugene, Toya, Anila and Karin head over to the tennis court. They were able to get a quick game in before Eugene and Karin go to check on the space for the event. As the crew begins to head to the event, Dr. Contessa gets a quick email from her kids’ teacher and finds out the kids didn’t do their homework. Although the situation was quickly rectified, the issue triggered Scott and Contessa into an argument. Scott made a statement about pulling the kids out of online schooling, and Contessa wasn’t hearing it. I bet everyone on the bus is wondering what the heck just happened?! 

Married To Medicine

To break the ice Eugene asks Dr. Damon what the plans are for the testing event. The crew jumps off the bus with enthusiasm and meets the organizers of the event. The doctors will oversee the testing when people first arrive; while Curtis, Cecil, Kari, Toya, Anila, and Lisa Nicole relax at the house. Things seem cordial until Kari brings up a conversation between Heavenly and Contessa. Apparently, Kari said they wanted to “steal” her from Toya and Anila, because she should be with the “smart” girls. AWWW SHOOT! Yall already know what this means…Toya is about to come for Heavenly and Contessa’s NECK! Welp, guess it was too much to ask for this trip to be drama free. Married to Medicine is heating up, so don’t run now and tune in next week! 


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