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Porsha Williams Exposes Kenya Moore’s Evil Plot To Take Her Down!

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Porsha Williams

Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Porsha Williams, addressed some footage allegedly axed from Season 13, via a recently shared Instagram Live video. 

Porsha Williams spoke about a Vulture article titled, “The Soul of Bravo” which addressed the impact of a “year of national reckonings on race and inequality.” Porsha’s ‘Black Lives Matter’ activism has been featured on the show, with multiple protests and arrests highlighted during the season. Kenya Moore has been skeptical about Porsha’s motives, and doubted the authenticity of her passion for social justice. The Vulture article recalled that Kenya stated during the season,  “Porsha wanted to be the only one that was the face of the movement for TV purposes.”

Porsha Williams

The writer went on to explain that Kandi Burruss sent a letter to a Bravo executive during the summer of 2020, suggesting that some internal changes be made to make room for BLM initiatives, more diversity and a potential special focused on race. Rumors surfaced that the other ladies weren’t happy about Kandi contacting executives without informing them of her plan. 

They say they were upset because I did not include them,” Kandi told Vulture. “But we all have our way that we’re helping with the movement.” 

Porsha Williams

The article later revealed that in an unaired scene, Kandi confronted Porsha about why she took issue with her decision to support the cause by  communicating with Bravo. Although the disagreement was between Porsha and KandiPorsha still sees Kenya as her most unnecessarily harsh critic. 

“The reason I’m bringing this up is because there are some things that are in this article that are said to be facts and they are not facts,” Porsha said of  the Vulture piece.  

“These same things have been repeated on Speak On It (Kandi’s show), these same things have been repeated by Kenya on various outlets where they say there is a scene that was deleted, edited out, or not aired on Bravo because I asked for it to be taken out,” she added, referencing the unseen conversation. 

Porsha Williams

Porsha acknowledged that powerful “Housewives” do sometimes pull strings from behind the scenes. 

“It is what it is,” Porsha said. “I’ve worked very hard to get to where I am in life, I’ve worked very hard on the show — and if I’ve gotten to a place where I can call the execs up and get something taken out then so be it, right?”

“However, in this particular situation…the way that Kenya is putting it out there that I asked the Bravo execs to not play a scene of Kandi and I having an argument, having a fight, me dogging Kandi over her efforts concerning ‘Black Lives Matter’ is simply not true,” Porsha explained. 

Porsha Williams

Porsha explained that RHOA alum, NeNe Leakes, leaked private text messages to a blogger that were taken “out of context.” The alleged story was that the women were upset that Kandi went “behind the cast’s back” and made them feel “blindsided.” Kandi became upset that she would be made to “look bad” and confronted Porsha while cameras rolled, during Kandi’s husband, Todd Tucker’s birthday party. Porsha identified that scene as the one that was cut from the Season 13 narrative. 

“…The way the blogger put it out there was that Kandi went behind the cast’s back and went to Bravo to try and get some programing done without telling us which blindsided us [and aimed to] make Kandi look bad,” Porsha explained. “So Kandi got upset with that and she decided to confront me about it on Housewives… The beginning of the season happened and I had not seen any of the cast — this was my first scene with the cast which was [at] Todd’s birthday. I walked into Todd’s birthday and I was told Kandi wanted to question me about something. And I said, ‘Okay that’s fine, I haven’t done anything, I’m happy to answer any of her questions.’” 

“We were having a decent conversation. It was nothing to be upset about and I thought ‘Okay, this is fine because I have the text messages,’” she added. 

Porsha reviewed her texts to Kandi during her IG Live video. 

“I said [to Kandi] ‘I’m not going to let the show make a mockery out of BLM. We have been doing great things and cannot let them try to make a mockery,’” she said. 

Kandi disagreed with Porsha’s assessment, but Porsha explained that she believed that the network would be mocking the movement by airing the contentious footage. 

“If we as Black women are sitting on Bravo arguing about Black Lives Matter,” Porsha explained, adding— “you’re absolutely making a mockery out of us using our platform. And that’s a bad thing, and it’s a terrible look, and it’s not progressive. It’s counterproductive.”

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