‘RHONJ’ RECAP: Teresa Giudice’s New Relationship Is Exposed During Psychic Reading!

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Joe Gorga

This week, the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is finally back from the Jersey Shore. The moms are checking in on the kids learning at home. One of Melissa Gorga’s sons is going to school in person.

Milania Giudice says that she is going to start paying kids to do her work. Jackie Goldschneider is checking in on her kids and reminding them about Rosh Hashana coming up. And Jennifer Aydin is peeking in on her kids doing online school. 

Jennifer’s mom, Josephine, is looking at a photo of her grandson in Turkey, John Bryan. Recently Josephine skipped a trip to go to Turkey because her estranged husband, John, was going. Jennifer recounts the Jersey Shore trip and Margaret Joseph’s comments about Jen being a stay-at-home mom, living off of her husband. 

The conversation quickly turns to how lucky Jennifer is to be married to Bill Aydin. Josephine rails on Jen’s father. And Jen says, “I have no bad memories of my dad.” It was an arranged marriage at 16 years old that Josephine did not want. John was 10 years older. And John moved their family to America, far away from Josephine’s family and friends. She has 48 years of anger. 

Jackie, Marge, and Melissa meet for lunch and start off talking about their kids schooling at home. Marge tries to do damage control on what she said about stay-at-home moms. Marge is reflective that her childhood wasn’t typical. Then the conversation turns to Melissa and Joe Gorga’s marriage. Melissa does agree she has changed from the young girl who did as she was told. She’s going to focus more attention on Joe G. She thinks that she will figure it out. They talk about Teresa Giudice’s upcoming psychic party at her house. Then the gossip fest focuses on whether or not Teresa has a boyfriend.

Dolores Catania has an appointment biopsy her breast. After a few years of skipping mammograms while fundraising for mammograms, she finally went for the test. Frank Catania stops by her house. Frank and Dolores talk about their house-flipping business and she tells him that she has a biopsy next week. Immediately he wants to know who is going with her. Dolores didn’t tell her mom or Frank Jr., but her boyfriend, David Principe, knows. Frank wants to know when “we” will get the results. Everybody loves Frank!

Joe Benigno is asked to consult on what Margaret wears to the psychic party. Jackie makes a crack to her kids that she’s going to a psychic party to find out if she’s going to “be in love with daddy forever.” Yikes! Jennifer is doing chores while her children watch, and she’s complaining that they don’t do chores. Melissa is nervous to hear a psychic predict the future. And Frank tells Dolores to “be careful what she asks the psychic for.”

Gina Marie, the Psychic Medium arrives at the Giudice house and immediately tells Gia Giudice that she is rubbing her hands in the way that her Nona did. Gina Maria tells Gia that her Nona’s hands don’t hurt anymore. Melissa, Marge, Jackie, Jennifer, Dolores, and Michelle Pais, the realtor show up.

The psychic starts with Marge. Michelle is next. But the psychic goes straight to Dolores’ health and a house crumbling—a broken relationship. Gina Marie says that Dolores likes to be chased, but the man is not chasing her in the way she likes to be chased. The psychic says that he (David) is not her soulmate. Dolores needs to let go of him and be free in order to open the door to great love. Dolores starts crying when the psychic knows the name of her dog. Melissa and Margaret notice that Dolores cries more about her dog than her boyfriend.

Melissa agrees to be read. The psychic tells her that her dad is there with her and loves her. She’s raising a wrestling state champion. The number thirteen is significant. And there is a break in a foundation — literal or figurative. And the number five is significant and it’s work related. The psychic tells Melissa that her energy is moving in the right direction.

Jackie is next, and her reading is connected to an “E” name. Jackie says her grandmother, Esther, was her biggest cheerleader. The psychic tells Jennifer that she has so many spirit guides around her and some are “holy.” Jennifer says that she has a great great uncle, Ignatious Maloyan, who was martyred during the Armenian genocide and has been ordained as a saint by the Pope. The psychic says that Jen is between her parents. Jen takes from the reading that she needs to validate her mom’s feelings and let her mom know that she is not taking sides. 

The psychic moves to Teresa to tell her that love is in the air and her parents are embracing the relationship. Everyone in the group is excited to hear confirmation that Teresa has a boyfriend.

Teresa Giudice

It’s hard to believe that the psychic knew so many specific details. Google? Perhaps Teresa Giudice offered some information. Did anyone else feel like this was full of tidbits that we knew from watching the show and reading blogs?

Jackie and Evan Goldschneider are celebrating Rosh Hashana with her parents, Barry and Ann, and her brother Eric. Jackie talks about what the psychic said about Esther with her family. Eric wants to compliment whoever made the food, but everyone fesses up that it was catered. Eric wanted to thank whoever dialed the phone. 

Melissa and Joe G. have a date. Melissa wants to talk to their daughter, Antonia Gorga, about sex. For someone like Joe G. who is so obsessed with sex, he is squeamish talking about it. Joe G. and Melissa talk about her work and her drive to be successful outside the home. Joe G. apologizes for his recent behavior and explains that he is afraid to lose her. 

Jennifer’s mom arrives at the house. Bill comes in after seeing a patient very early in the morning. Jen’s dad is there as well. Bill asks about the psychic. Jen turns to her mother and says, “Everything that you have been feeling lately, you are right.” And Jen goes on to say that she needs to acknowledge that her mom feels emotionally abused. Jen’s father, John, immediately says, “I didn’t abuse her.” The discussion turns to emotional abuse. Bill asks if it’s abuse or neglect. Bill said that marriages were different then in Turkey, 50 years ago. Jen’s mother is happy to be heard. Jen and Josephine go outside. Bill and John stay in the kitchen. Someone needs to go check on their daughter.

Next time, it’s Jackie’s birthday. Melissa tries to talk to Antonia about sex. Marge goes after Jen again for being tone deaf. And Teresa Giudice is upset and anxious. 


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