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Dr. Heavenly Kimes Claims Toya Bush-Harris Was A Fake Friend To Mariah Huq!

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Mariah Huq 

Dr. Heavenly Kimes is sounding off about the Married to Medicine cast — past and present. Fans know that Mariah Huq is not appearing on Season 8, and that past cast members, Lisa Marie Cloud and Kari Wells are back in the Bravo mix.

Toya Bush-Harris is obviously excited to have both of the ladies back on the show, and even commented that Lisa was bumped off the M2M stage. 

Heavenly is now describing Lisa and Kari as Toya’s “recycled” friends. Lisa disagreed, and noted her point on Twitter. Toya added that Heavenly has no friends. Producers reminded viewers of the messy past cast dynamic by airing a flashback scene, featuring Heavenly and Quad Webb going off on Lisa.

Heavenly fired shots on her YouTube channel while recapping the most recent Married to Medicine episode. 

Lisa Nicole, b*tch you is recycled. Toya was never your friend. She was the one who called your husband all kinds of names. And I don’t know why y’all act like y’all got amnesia. But d*mn it, I don’t. She wasn’t your friend,” Heavenly said. 

Heavenly then claimed that Toya was paid off to fake a friendship with show creator, Mariah Huq. 

“They probably paid Toya to get you back on the show just like they paid her to be friends with Mariah cause is she friends with Mariah now? Nobody f*ck with Mariah so they paid Toya to be her friend. Just like they paying you to be a friend. Nobody f*cks with you really Lisa Nicole. I’m just gonna go ahead and tell you the truth. I know it, I know it for a fact,” the M2M star added. 

Lisa’s relationships with Heavenly and Quad were battered when she made her exit from the show. Fans might remember that Lisa even threw a glass at Quad during a heated argument, and accused her co-star of having a “lesbian relationship” with Mariah Huq.

Heavenly and Lisa butted heads on the show while co-planning an event. Heavenly lost it after learning that Lisa had trademarked the event’s moniker without giving her a heads up. The clash over the event led to the permanent downfall of Heavenly and Lisa’s friendship. Toya also had issues with Lisa, but the duo has apparently moved past their problems. 

As reported, Heavenly took aim at Toya during a previous recap — after Toya accused her of being jealous. 

“B*tch you is not the one to follow, you just not. I’m sorry. There’s nothing you got that I want. I’m sorry. I hate to put it like this. You work your man,” Heavenly fired during a YouTube recap in March.  

Toya Bush Harris

“You don’t try to help. You complain about everything. Toya, you’s the b*tch that I’d never want to be. I don’t want my kids to ever see a b*tch like you cause I don’t respect it at all. And I’m sorry I have to say it this way. I don’t respect you because I don’t like the way you do your husband. And I ain’t got nothing to do with it. Like I say, I love my husband. Based on my thought process and love, love is as the wife, you’re the helpmate,” the reality star added. 

Married To Medicine airs on Sundays at 9 pm, ET, on Bravo. 


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