RECAP: ‘Married To Medicine’ Heavenly Says Quad Has No Husband or Kids To Love Her!

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Toya Bush Harris

This week on a brand new Married To Medicine, we start out with a quick view of the beautiful city of Atlanta, while Anila Sajja snaps pictures of her cute daughter. Eugene Harris and Toya Bush-Harris continues talking about her progress in tennis.

Dr. Heavenly Kimes checks in on Alaura while she’s home, and when a conversation about her potential menstrual comes up; Alaura abruptly hangs up on her mama. After a quick laugh, the office of Dr. Al Sharpton calls Heavenly and wants to partner with the doctors to conduct the COVID testing at the 57th Anniversary, of the march on Washington. Clearly excited Heavenly agrees and starts to fan girl in the car, while missing her exit. 

Dr. Contessa Metcalf is in her kitchen inspecting the progress of the remodeling, when she takes a break to speak with Scott’s niece, Paris. Contessa is visibly overwhelmed, and Paris expresses that she doesn’t need to be so hard on herself. Contessa is listening while she fills up her wine glass. Contessa jokingly prays over the rose quartz but makes a comment about whether Scott has a side chick or not. Producers weren’t the only ones that noticed that statement, but Contessa just makes it seem like she’s not accusing Scott of anything; but that it would be naïve to think Scott cheating isn’t a possibility. Damn. That must be hard to admit out loud. Let’s hope Scott and Contessa continue working things out (without the side chick). 

At the Whitmore house, Dr. Simone Whitmore arrives home and greets Cecil in his boom boom room. They both were excited to be empty nesters, but unfortunately their son Miles is still home. As much as they love him, they want Miles to be independent and go out into the real world. Not wanting to dive too deep into their son’s personal life, Cecil redirects the conversation and asks about the progress of Jackie and Simone. Being stubborn Simone thinks Heavenly made Jackie call her, but Cecil makes it apparent that there’s hope for the two to get through this rough time. Curtis Walters at the same time is discussing the same thing to Jackie. The two old friends are afraid of what could happen. Does this conversation go great, or does it go straight to hell? When you care about someone, these emotions and fears are normal. Jackie and Simone have agreed to meet, but Simone is not optimistic now.

Simone Whitmore

Dr. Damon Kimes let’s the rest of the husbands know about Heavenly’s call from Al Sharpton. The wives and husbands all agree to help, and to contribute to such an important mission in D.C. To have a break from the wives, the husbands meet up at Top Golf to relax and talk among themselves. We love seeing all this testosterone and the relationship the men have with one another.

Cecil is the top dog at Top Golf and is enjoying giving Curtis the blues with his golf swing. When the men have a break, Damon explains that for everyone to be safe on the trip to D.C., that it would be best to get a private jet. The men are game while throwing jokes around about the women coming, before Damon asks his sons about Black Lives Matter. The men agree that the younger generation has taken the torch and is carrying it very well. The young men are very aware and it’s nice to see them explain the importance of holding our politicians accountable, and the positive aspect of social media to spread the word. The Black Lives Matter movement continues to be a strong force, and conversations like this gives me hope for all of humanity.

Contessa heads to the building where she’s throwing the Healing Party. As she begins setting up, in her confessional she hopes that the crystals will provide some healing properties to help with the group’s dynamic. Let’s hope these crystals clear out all this bad energy.

The women begin showing up while Dr. Contessa shows them around. While Dr. Heavenly is heading to the event with Funky Dineva, she gives us a glimpse of a little misunderstanding her and Quad Webb-Lunceford had on Instagram. Apparently Heavenly commented on Quad’s picture, but Ms. Quad didn’t take it the best way. I wonder if Ms. Quad is invited to this healing party. I’m sure we’ll love to see Quad turn up at this party. Toya is arriving with Lisa Nicole Cloud, and I’m excited to see how the women welcome her back. 

As everyone gets settled into the positive energy in the room, Paris instructs the group to start with a brief meditation; while loud ass Toya, Kari Wells, and Lisa Nicole Cloud walk in. Heavenly calls them recycled friends, while complaining about being hungry. Paris ignores Heavenly’s rude comments and continues with the party. The ladies begin passing a clear quartz around to release or ask for any forgiveness.  I thought it was sweet that Anila asked for forgiveness with the Black Lives Matter comment, and surprisingly Heavenly accepted her apology.

Next, Contessa makes a speech about not wanting to hurt others feelings but wanting to be open enough with the group to be honest. Heavenly apologizes to Toya, but Toya wasn’t letting that apology go over her head; without adding a little shade to Heavenly’s MANY apologies. The group seemed to have a good time, but everyone agreed that they weren’t feeling the crystals. To each their own, but at least the crystals weren’t thrown or used as weapons on the other ladies LOL. 

Married To Medicine

Finally, after five episodes Dr. Jackie and Simone meet up to talk out their grievances. The weather is a depiction of how I can image the two feels inside. Just gloomy, dreadful, and sad. Simone arrives to Jackie’s office, and the two awkwardly greet each other. Jackie begins with small talk about Michael going to college, before diving into the meat and potatoes of things. Simone begins to tear up and explains that she thought they had an “unbreakable bond.” Jackie seems to not understand where Simone’s hurt is coming from, but a quick flashback of last year’s reunion provides us with a refresher of the turbulence in their relationship.

Jackie Walters

Simone is upset about the silence from Jackie, where Jackie is upset because Simone didn’t defend her honor, when it came to Buffie Purselle. Although Simone had her own feelings about Jackie’s comments about Buffie’s fertility, they both realize they should have talked to each other.

Married To Medicine

Communication is key people, and we can all learn a lesson watching these two stubborn hens. I can speak for us all when I say, I’M SO HAPPY THEY’RE FRIENDS AGAIN!!! Now, we can get back to other issues at hand. Be sure to come back next week, for their trip to DC. See you then loves!  


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