RECAP: ‘Married To Medicine’ Lisa Nicole Cloud Returns & Simone’s Son Goes To College!

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Married To Medicine

This week’s episode of Married To Medicine start off with Dr. Simone Whitmore chatting with Toya Bush-Harris on the phone.

Toya is trying to have a fun “girls day”, so she’s inviting some the ladies over for some fun in the sun! Dr. Jackie Walters is taking selfies with her patients per usual, while Dr. Contessa Metcalf complains about the progress of her kitchen. Toya meets Eugene Harris in the kitchen and begins making sure the kids are settled before the ladies visit. We have some old friends coming onto the scene! Lisa Nicole Cloud and Kari Wells decide to grace the screen with their presence. It has been a while since we’ve seen these two, and I’m wondering what type of drama will unfold due to their arrival. 

Eugene is cooking up oysters, while Toya explains that she has been keeping in touch with both ladies, and it’s time to bring them back into the fold. While everyone migrates outside, Lisa Nicole brings up the fight between Mariah Huq and Toya in season one. They all laugh while moving onto how Lisa Nicole didn’t leave, and according to Toya she was “pushed out” of the group. A brief flashback shows Toya’s Halloween party, and the issues between Ms. Quad Webb-Lunceford and Dr. Heavenly Kimes. Lisa Nicole has been through a lot with the ladies.

Lisa Nicole Cloud

Eugene makes us all hungry with his amazing looking oysters; Toya brings up that she had a dream that her and Simone had a threesome! Eugene if you don’t give this woman some booty, cause Toya is CLEARLY horny LOL. 

Toya Bush-Harris

Next, we have Dr. Scott Metcalf inviting Dr. Eugene and Dr. Damon Kimes to see the construction so far on their new business. Eugene and Damon made it clear they would NOT want to work with their wives, and I think great minds think alike! Dr. Contessa Metcalf is back at the house, playing with the kids and chatting with Dr. Scott’s niece. Contessa starts venting about the struggle with having big dreams and having a traditional husband. Scott puts Eugene and Damon to work, and the three begin talking about Scott and Contessa’s marriage problems. Frustrations are building and honestly, I don’t see how the two will make this business or marriage work. We’ll see, but it’s not looking too good from my view. Scott understands he married Superwoman, but we’re starting to see as viewers that Scott thought she would be satisfied at some point. Damon being the wisest of them all, tells Scott to let Contessa be Contessa; because if he tries to stifle her drive, she will begin to resent him. Let’s hope Damon’s words made it into Scott’s mind and heart. 

Married To Medicine

Dr. Jackie and Dr. Heavenly decide to have a lunch date, similar to the lunch dates Jackie and Simone use to have. Heavenly gives Jackie the 411 on her and Simone’s conversation; while Heavenly presses the question of what can the two do now to make their friendship better.  The ladies did have a wonderful bonding moment in Miami, and Heavenly wants to bring the Golden Girls back together. Jackie calls Simone and asks for the two to finally sit down and have a conversation. Simone being stubborn is initially hesitant but decides to meet with Jackie for some sort of resolution. I’m still debating whether Heavenly wants Simone and Jackie to get back cool for Jackie’s sake or for the sake of Jackie and Simone’s 20-year-friendship. I don’t know, but I’m intrigued to see how this all plays out.

Heavenly Kimes

Back at newbie Anila Sajja’s house construction, we see the progress that’s being made while her husband Dr. Kiran Sajja arrives on site. Dr. Kiran is getting frustrated because his patients are coming back for surgeries, while Anila is attempting to make their house big and grand. Clearly over budget, Kiran is upset because the dream house is becoming a complete nightmare! Anila is not happy with almost anything (same as her mom) and Kiran is asking her to take it down a couple notches. Anila’s upset because Kiran won’t give her everything she’s asking for. Dr. Kiran is stressed out trying to provide and make Anila happy, and I think her greediness will get in the way of her marriage (If she don’t watch out). I have my fingers crossed for the newbie, but she better humble herself quick and fast. 

We’re back at Toya and Eugene’s and Toya is already starting to snap on Eugene. Eugene tells her to calm down, while preparing his testosterone shot. Apparently, some men lose this hormone as they get older, so Eugene is supplementing. Toya attempts to give Eugene the shot but of course freaks out during the process. She finally got it in, and Eugene asks for Toya to wear the nurses outfit next time. Oh, freaky freaky I see LOL. Back at the Whitmore’s Simone’s cousin Nikki comes by, to help the crew pack and take Michael to college! Michael’s not going to miss Simone’s yelling, but he did say he’s going to miss her kisses and hugs (So sweet). Michael, Simone, Cecil and Miles pack into the car, and are off to the next phase in Michael’s life.

Driving separate cars, Michael is speeding and ignoring Simone’s advice to slow down and get out the slow lane. Simone asks Cecil for advice on how to keep up with Michael’s schoolwork. Simone worries about Michael because she realizes she should’ve been more on Miles back, while he was away at school. Sadly, college is a make-or-break type of situation; and hopefully Michael takes his freedom with some responsibility. The boys have definitely been spoiled, but I have high hopes for Michael. (YOU GO BOY!) Dr. Heavenly is with her son Damon Jr. in the office today, and it appears that he’s interested in becoming a dentist. Looking just like his daddy, Damon jr. is introduced to the staff and Heavenly makes it known that he aint getting paid. Miracle is back for her checkup since the protest when a police officer punched her. 

Married To Medicine

Heavenly being Heavenly introduces Miracle and Damon Jr. in hopes the two create a spark. So like Heavenly LOL. Miracle now has her permanent teeth in and she looks gorgeous! Good work Dr. Heavenly! We love when you use your powers for good. Michael has arrived at Lee College and everyone helps with his bags, before heading out to get something to eat.

Michael is ready to get away from his parents and get out in the world on his own. Miles gives some sound advice, which is to have something to focus on and be sure to adapt to change. Simone gives Michael the sweetest, longest hug while Simone fights back tears. We’ve really seen these boys grow up, and I’m grateful the Whitmore’s decided to bring us into their lives like this. Let’s wish Michael the best in his higher education and get ready for next week; for another episode of Married to Medicine. See you all next week loves! 


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