T.I. & Tiny Harris Release Statement As THREE More Woman Accuse Couple of Sex Trafficking!

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T.I. and Tiny Harris have released another statement after three more alleged victims accused the couple of drugging, sexual assault, and sex trafficking.


Steve Sadow, the couple’s attorney, released the statement in response to the most recent accusations.   

“The Harrises are still waiting for the accusers to reveal themselves publicly,” Sadow told Billboard. “By continuing to hide behind anonymous allegations, the unnamed accusers effectively render themselves not credible and unworthy of belief. We say: Let the light shine on their identities so we can go about disproving these scurrilous accusations.”

The alleged victims have chosen to keep their identities anonymous. One accuser claimed that T.I. “forced her to take a powdered substance from his finger” and “[Tiny] undressed her and proceeded to engage in sexual intercourse. She said her body was numb, the room was slowing down, and she could not consent.”


Tyrone A. Blackburn is legally representing at least seventeen alleged victims who all claim to have suffered at the hands of the rapper and his wife. The alleged victims claim to have been either sexually assaulted, drugged, trafficked or raped by the couple or by their friends. 

The allegations against the couple date back to 2005 and the alleged victims range in age, with the youngest claiming that she was assaulted at the age of 17. The women all claim that the couple used their celebrity, money, drugs and alcohol to lure them and take advantage of them. Calls for investigations have been heating up, but many people close to the couple have supported them, and publicly vouched for their characters.

As reported, Real Housewives of Atlanta star and Tiny’s Xscape band mate, Kandi Burruss, spoke out in support of her friend during a February appearance on “Watch What Happens Live.” The reality star, who referred to the couple as “family,” grew up in the same circle as Tiny. The band mates remain close friends and even travel together.

“What I will say is, Tiny is my sister and I have never personally seen her doing any of that,” the Bravo star said. 

While Kandi stayed largely tight-lipped about the ongoing scandal during her WWHL appearance, she did address how some people like to jump to unproven conclusions. Kandi pointed out that sexual assault cases tend to take off in today’s social climate.

“What I want to say is people put out any rumor about somebody right now,” she added. “This society has become a ‘you’re guilty until proven innocent’ instead of ‘you’re innocent until proven guilty,’ And I do not like that,” she added.

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