‘RHONJ’ RECAP: Joe Gorga Claims Wife Melissa Has ‘Changed’ and ‘Turned into This Different’ Woman!

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This week, the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey are still at the Jersey Shore. Joe Gorga and his sister, Teresa Giudice, are celebrating their father’s life. From the title of the episode, Memorial Mayhem, it might get ugly before the trip is through. It would be a true tribute to Giacinto Gorga if they could have a drama-free memorial.

The episode starts with everyone getting dressed up to have dinner. Another embarrassing restaurant display is about to go down. The men are excited to have their own “man table” away from the drama. They discuss that the memorial is going to be the next day. Then the conversation turns to Melissa Gorga flirting at Lake George. Joe G. seems unconvinced that Teresa made it up. I feel a fake storyline coming. 

Jennifer Aydin takes a fairly innocent conversation about dating and turns it on Margaret Joseph. Then Joe G. says to Joe Benigno, that he didn’t think he would ever let his wife talk to him that way. Joe B. says that it’s fine. It works for them. They blow up and then ten minutes later it’s over. Joe G. says, “You wear the g-string. She wears the pants.” All of the men burst out laughing. These men need their own show! Jennifer keeps going for the Marge. So, Marge starts in again denigrating Jennifer as a stay-at-home mom. Jennifer can be mean and out-of-touch, but Margaret needs to back off on the mom bashing.

Teresa Giudice

The men see that the women are fighting, so they men want to leave before it comes to blows. As everyone gets back in the vans, Joe G., Melissa, Joe B., Margaret, and Jackie and Evan Goldschneider witness Joe G.’s argument with Melissa. They flash back to 2016 when Melissa opened her shop, Envy. Joe G. was upset that Melissa was changing “their deal” when they got married. He wanted her to be at home with the kids, waiting on him. She wanted to do something independent of him. Everyone is noticeably uncomfortable. 

“What are you mad about?” asked Melissa, 42. “Did I do something wrong?”

“I would just like my wife to wait for me and you just walk away like you don’t even have a husband,” Joe said after hopping in the car along with Margaret Josephs, her husband Joe, Jackie Goldschneider and Jackie’s husband Evan. “From now on, you just go by yourself while I just walk in the back.”

“If I have a little success in my personal life, it’s not against you,” said Melissa, who opened up her boutique, Envy, in 2016. “Let your wife have a little something that’s my own. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you.”

Joe B., Evan, and Joe G. try to talk it through out on the deck. The girls go to another room to talk it through. Joe G. talks about his parents. He wanted to have a marriage like them. The senior Gorgas were completely devoted to each other. And even when Joe G.’s mom passed, his father went to the cemetery every day to visit his wife’s grave. That’s what he wants. And he feels it’s slipping away. The girls agree that Melissa is not “old school” anymore like she was at 24 years old. 

Frank Catania’s already on the boat. It’s a great escape from the drama house. Everyone is checking in on what happened last night. Joe G. comes into the kitchen and apologizes to everyone for the fight last night. They decided to call a truce to celebrate Giacinto’s life. Joe G. and Melissa’s kids show up just as Joe and Melissa are loading up the boat to meet up with Frank and Dolores Catania’s crew. Joe G. announces to the entire boat full of people that he and Melissa had sex. So I guess that means, it’s all good?

Both boats full of crazy show up to dock for lunch. Melissa fills Teresa in about the prior night’s argument. Teresa tells Melissa that she should just give Joey want he wants.

Oddly enough, Jackie is talking to Teresa about the fight, offering advise and analysis. Wasn’t it just two days earlier that they weren’t even talking? Joe G.’s phone keeps going off. Melissa answers and the person hangs up. It’s “Realtor Gizelle.” Joe G. says, “I’ve got a deal.” Something seems to be up. Frank and Joe B. look like they know something. Joe G. answers the phone and walks away from the group. Joe G. comes back. Frank is texting. Joe G. is texting. It looks like Realtor Gizelle is really Frank. I guess it’s Melissa’s turn to get punked. The men finally come clean. And Joe G. seems happy that Melissa was jealous. 

Everyone is getting ready for the celebration. The amount of time that these folks spend “getting ready” to go places is astounding. The set up and photos are beautiful. All of the kids are on the way. Melissa’s sisters and mother arrive. Jennifer and Bill Aydin bring a very thoughtful gift. It’s a canvas painting of Giacinto and his wife, Antonia Gorga. Teresa’s daughters arrive. Frank Catania, Jr. arrives. Everyone looks at pictures and then they take a family picture with the two white swans who have been around most of the day. Joe G. says, “That’s my mother and father right there.”

Teresa gets up to speak about her father and to thank everyone for coming to the memorial. Gia Giudice gives her eulogy that she gave at his funeral. Gia and Nono had a special relationship. He really stepped in when her dad went to prison. It was a lovely tribute to such a great role model for their family. Joe G. said that his father told him on his last days, “Take care of your sister.” 

Next time, there is more relationship drama. It looks like Teresa might have a new man. Melissa and Joe G. rehash the “different stage of life” conversation. Dolores is upset and crying. And Jen’s parents are still fighting. What did you think about the memorial service? 


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