‘RHONJ’ RECAP: Margaret Josephs GOES OFF On Jennifer Aydin!

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Margaret Josephs

Down on the Jersey Shore, dinner at Dolores Catania’s  house continues to boil over on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Most of this drama between Joe Gorga, Melissa Gorga, and Teresa Giudice has been on simmer for years.

Jackie Goldschneider and “the rumor” are just the side drama of the moment.

Teresa Giudice is upset that her brother, Joe G., didn’t come to her defense at the table when Jackie came after her. Joe G. comes to her defense all the time, but as he sees it, Teresa didn’t defend him many times when Joe Giudice came after him. 

Joe Gorga

Now that Teresa has stormed off, Jackie tells Joe Benigno that he’s an a$$hole for spreading the rumor. Cue up Margaret Joseph’s rage! Joe B. said that he heard “the rumor,” but the men tell Jackie that they didn’t believe it. Jackie doesn’t want to hear what happened, but Jackie does seem to be incapable of hearing it. She can hardly keep her eyes open. She’s sobbing and hanging on people. 

Teresa reappears and makes a beeline straight for Joe G. Then Melissa Gorga comes for Teresa when Teresa won’t make it right with Jackie. Melissa is inches from Teresa’s face. Melissa goes OFF. A cheese plate is the victim. Melissa says, “You just stuck up for your ex-husband while we were defending you.” Joe tries to explain to Teresa that “I always fight for you, but when we are together, you knock on us.” Then it’s Joe G.’s turn to go off. He is upset that Teresa talks about Joe Giudice doing the right thing. But Joe Gorga says, “He (Joe Giudice) put you in jail.” And her brother continues on, “He put my mother in a f-ing grave.” It’s a good thing that Frank Catania was in between Joe G. and his sister Teresa in that moment. I wonder if the Jersey Shore neighbors are wondering what is going on!

Melissa Gorga

Teresa tries to tell Joe that they should be talking about Jackie. Dolores steps in to remind them both that their parents wouldn’t want them to be fighting like this. Joe Gorga says that, “There isn’t a man on earth who took more from me than Joe Guidice.” Joe Gorga recounts the loss of time with his father, the loss of time with his mother, and the loss of time with his sister. Joe G. does reach out to his sister and wants to put an end to this. He hugs her. Melissa and Teresa share an awkward hug. And then Joe G. tells Teresa to make it right with Jackie. And Teresa refuses.

Jackie, Margaret, and Joe B. head back to Melissa and Joe G.’s house. Jackie calls her husband, Evan Goldschneider, to relay the events. Joe G. soaks his hand in a bucket of ice. Jackie and Evan decide to be united the next day and leave if it goes sideways. And Dolores tries to remind Teresa that Teresa really doesn’t want to hurt people. There is something ironic about Frank being the one left alone in the kitchen to clean up the mess.

Frank and Dolores try to game plan how to handle everyone. As everyone wakes up, they all discuss the dinner. Joe G. reached out to Teresa to “put it to bed” before Evan shows up and before their father’s memorial service. Bill Aydin shows up, so they give play-by-play about the dinner. Dolores says that Teresa is going to “make it right.” Sure, Dolores.

Everyone meets up at Melissa and Joe G.’s shore house for the “relaxing pool day.” Teresa wants to drop everything, but no apology. Jackie agrees. But Jackie is pushing for Teresa to talk to Evan. Evan walks in and it’s awkward. Teresa says, “Sorry about everything that went down. I never wanted to do anything hurt you in any way.” Margaret says the apology was weak, but it was also a miracle. 

Teresa Giudice

Joe G. pulls Teresa aside to tell her that he’s proud of her for doing the right thing by Jackie. How many times can two people say “squash it” in 43 minutes?

They all get on the boat and the wave runners and have a few moments of fun, but now it’s lunch time. Meals never go too well for this group. Teresa starts off by yelling across the table that she’s been having trouble sleeping and the vibrator helps her go to sleep. I love Frank’s face when Jennifer Aydin announces how she wasn’t going to masturbate in Frank’s bed at Dolores’ house. Joe G. wants everyone to have sex. He says, “This is a happy home.” 

Margaret Josephs and Jen start arguing again about the fight last night. Apparently they didn’t get the “squash it” memo. Joe G. pulls all the men to the bar. The men just can’t get their head wrapped around why these fights continue on and on. The fight between Jennifer and Marge deteriorates to “sloppy moments.” Marge calls out Jen’s face plant as a sloppy drunk. Jen calls out Marge’s sloppiness sleeping with her boss. Marge gets upset and walks away. The men decide that meals bring out the worst in everyone. Evan has a great idea. “Let’s just take a protein bar and keep doing activities.” Is it just me, or is Jackie making a huge deal out of the rumor when Evan seems to be over it?

Jen doesn’t want Marge to project her childhood onto Jen. It’s hilarious watching Frank and Bill in the back of the van heading back to Dolores’ house. Everyone goes to their respective rooms to get ready for dinner. Who’s looking forward to seeing what happens at dinner?


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