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LaToya Ali Confirms Drew Sidora’s Husband’s Cheating!

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LaToya Ali

LaToya Ali  took her feud with Drew Sidora up a notch on Wednesday, when she fired a shot at co-star’s her husband, Ralph Pittman, on Twitter. The Real Housewives of Atlanta  star warned Ralph to “stay out of women’s drama” then slammed him as a cheater. 

Ralph stay out of women’s drama and go back to your side piece’s house in Tampa, Im sure her peach is juicer,” LaToya tweeted on Wednesday. 

Fans watched Drew confront Ralph earlier this season, after her husband took off for a three day trip to Tampa without telling his wife. Drew accused Ralph of spying on their family through cameras installed in their home, while he was away. 

“Yo, your details, the things you want, are stupid details,” he told his wife, when she asked him to disclose the name of the Tampa hotel.  

“What? No it’s not stupid. I don’t know who you were there with,” she told her husband, who replied, “I didn’t go with there with anybody.”

Drew Sidora

Drew spoke out about the her husband’s vanishing act during an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” in January, and revealed that Ralph had admitted to “watching” his family while he was away. 

“You know, we bought our home together, and yeah, [there are] security cameras everywhere,” Drew said. “And that’s one thing about Ralph — he is in IT and … as he shared to me recently in counseling, he wanted to make sure we were safe, and that was the reason why he was watching us on the cameras.”

LaToya Ali

Viewers know that LaToya and Drew got off to a rough start after LaToya repeatedly insulted Drew’s wig. The duo almost came to blows later in the season, during a cast trip to South Carolina. Kenya Moore hosted the trip and tensions boiled over while she was showing the ladies their preassigned rooms. 

LaToya grabbed Drew’s wrist and began tossing barbs about her marriage.  

The duo had previously disagreed over LaToya’s take on what defines  appropriate behavior after a couple decides to separate. LaToya had recently announced her own separation from her husband. 

Drew, can we talk about your struggling husband?” LaToya asked. 

“You don’t know nothing about my struggling husband, though,” Drew fired back. 

Several of the ladies broke up the squabble, but Drew had more to say. 

“The last bitch that grabbed me found her head rammed in a damn gate. Don’t f— with me. I’m from Chicago, bitch,” Drew said, while walking away. “She grabbed my wrist twice, three times.”

LaToya Ali

“One thing you will not do, girl, is ever, ever put your hands on me,” Drew said in a confessional spot. She added that she “was already on alert with LaToya’s comments about my wig. But now this? You do not violate that right to come in someone’s personal space, let alone put your hands on them.”

LaToya later apologized and blamed the mishap on her “touchy-feely” nature—but the pair remains at odds. 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Sundays at 8 pm, ET, on Bravo. 


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