‘Counting On’ Sneak Peek: Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald Open Up About Overcoming Their Past Sins

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Ben and Jessa [Duggar] Seewald join several other members of the Duggar family for a Bible study in the upcoming Easter special Counting Now: A New Life.

Ben, 25, spoke to Us Weekly about how he came to know Jesus Christ. 

“Well, as a teenager, I had a lot of struggles of consciousness just growing up, struggling with guilt and things [and] knowing that I wasn’t the person that I should be,” he told the outlet. “I’d done things that I shouldn’t have done. About the time I was 15, I just remember hearing about what Jesus had done on the cross and how He died for our sins, He did everything that was necessary for me to be saved.”

Ben likened the time period to being like “a springtime in my soul,” opening up about his personal faith journey. 

“I love springtime, because as the flowers are starting to bloom and you see, like, those first daffodils, you’re like, spring is coming,” he explained. “There’s still going to be some cold days, but we have hope that we’re gonna see green leaves on the trees again. Not everything’s going to be gray forever.” 

Jessa also shared her personal story, revealing that she knew that she wanted a future in heaven at a young age, but that “there wasn’t really an awareness of my sin.” 

Jessa explained that while she thought a lot about eternity as a child, she wasn’t happy with her spiritual health. 

“I was a difficult person to be around. I was contentious, I was selfish and self-centered, and I was coming to a place where I was not content with staying that way,” she shared in a confessional spot. “I wanted to see a change in my life.” 

Jessa shared with the group that her siblings’ growing faith helped her to  seek closer communication with God. 

“I remember praying again and acknowledging my sin before God and the repenting of that and seeing a big change in my life,” she revealed, before turning to her mother, Michelle Duggar. “Patience as a parent is something I pray for more and more, I say, ‘Please, I pray for the patience of my mother.’” 

Jessa and Ben tied the knot in November, 2015 and share two sons, Spurgeon, 5, and Henry, 4, and daughter, Ivy, 22 months. Ben spoke about parenting challenges in a personal interview spot, noting that they’ve had “difficult moments” that have been overwhelming. 

“Sometimes you feel like you want to pull your hair out!” Ben remarked. 

Counting Now: A New Life airs on Tuesday, March 30, at 10 p.m. ET, on TLC. The special will also stream on discovery+.


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