‘RHOA’ RECAP: Porsha Williams Confronts Marlo Over Her FAKE Friendship With Kenya!

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Porsha Williams Confronts Marlo Over Her FAKE Friendship With Kenya!

We begin this episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta with the ladies prepping for their New Orleans trip — planned by Drew Sidora. Drew has extended the invite to children as well. The group is traveling to the Big Easy by private jet and Kenya Moore brings her daughter, Brooklyn, on yet another girl’s getaway.

After arriving, the ladies pile into a sprinter van and Brooklyn’s fussing — can you say buzz kill! LaToya Ali says she’s not drinking and a collective but silent a-m-e-n reverberates through the van after LaToya’s over-the-top outburst at Falynn’s Halloween party — where she almost got knocked upside her head with a golf club. 

The discussion turns to Kenya and Marlo Hampton’s renewed friendship. LaToya takes credit for repairing Marlo and Kenya’s friendship, then comments she’s going to get her BFF back and have Porsha Williams on the side. The ladies laugh and sip liquor from Solo cups. as they journey to the hotel. They’re staying in the heart of the city.

Upon their arrival, the ladies relax in the courtyard as Drew assigns rooms. Cynthia Bailey gets the biggest and best room and Drew announces a twerk-off for the remainder of the rooms but Kenya is not having it and demands her room key. I do recall Kenya making the ladies do challenges in Greece for their rooms, so I fail to see the problem, but I digress. 

A clearly irritated Kenya Moore storms off with Brooklyn in tow straight to the hotel’s front desk to pay for her own room. She wants a suite. The other ladies ignore her negative energy and continue twerking. Kenya is shown her suite which is much better than the original room Drew appointed her. After the ladies settle into their rooms, they meet in the lobby before heading off to their bike riding group event. The ladies pile into the sprinter minus Marlo, who’s back hurts. In the van, Kenya notifies the ladies that she’s upgraded her room. Kandi Burruss is working on her movie but plans to join the group later in New Orleans. 

The ladies arrive and tour the historic city on bike. Shockingly, Kenya seems to have taken her meds be in a much better mood and actually having fun. After the tour, the ladies sit for dinner at a local restaurant for some delicious creole cuisine.  They feast on friend alligator and much more. Marlo calls Drew and she’s laying in bed — her back is killing her and she won’t be joining the group. Kenya’s concern for her new bestie, Marlo, seems to vex LaToya’s spirit and her mood suddenly shifts.

The discussion turns to LaToya’s inappropriate behavior at at Falynn’s Halloween party. Cynthia explains to Toya that she can’t enter someone’s home and behave so disrespectfully. Drew inquires why LaToya is not drinking — is it because she behaves erratic when she’s liquored up? Instead of answering the question like an adult — LaToya resorts to her usual childish antics. She starts pounding on the table and chanting “I don’t feel like it, bitch” — over and over again. Porsha asks Toya if she’s calling Drew a bitch!?!

Drew says in a talking head confessional that her driver, Danny, invited LaToya to a church revival and Toya claimed she wanted to stop drinking. So Drew has been on a mission to help Toya. But instead of taking the advice, Toya gets up and leaves with Kenya running behind her. On the street, Kenya, warns Toya to be careful who she shares her business with. 

Back at the hotel, Porsha visits Drew in her room. The ladies drink tequila and chit chat. Over in Cynthia’s room, Kenya stops by and gossips about Drew implying Toya’s a drunk. Cynthia agrees and says Drew was like a dog with a bone. Shamea Morton joins Drew and Porsha for libations. The convo turns to Marlo and Porsha’s friendship fallout. Porsha gets emotional and starts tearing up. Porsha explains that she was building a genuine friendship with Marlo and feels Marlo is fake for bonding with Kenya over the BOLO stripper accusations. 

Drew has day planned of Zydeco dancing for the ladies while she does iHeart interview. Cynthia accompanies Drew while Kandi pouts about having no rhythm while the others throw their asses in a circle and enjoy the moment.

As the event comes to an end, Porsha Williams pulls Marlo into a private room to discuss her newfound friendship with Kenya.

“Well, since this seems like a nice, healing space, I feel like we should talk,” Porsha tells Marlo. “I feel like your movement has changed being a friend to me.”

“It’s been like an elephant in the room and I feel it’s different because of Kenya,” Marlo says.

“This whole thing with Kenya if you want to bring it up. You had your showroom, I didn’t know when the showroom was.” Porsha responds. 

“I didn’t invite anyone to it,” Marlo explains. “She called and asked could she come.”

“I would love to support my friends, but that opportunity wasn’t there,” Porsha replies. “And then now you’ve been here this whole weekend, you have not called my phone, nothing.”

However, Marlo feels completely different and says: “I am a friend to you and I feel like you don’t trust me being friends with someone who you do not f*** with. Let’s keep it one hundred. I wasn’t here for Kenya at all when y’all was doing playdates.”

A scene from last year is shown of Porsha and Kenya on good terms and having baby playdates before their falling out over “strippergate.” 

“Wasn’t I hating on her [then]?” Marlo asked. “You was, ‘No, she’s so sweet.’”

After Marlo attempted to clarify why she patched things up with Kenya — Porsha said, “And as soon as ya’ll met up, that’s when your energy changed.”

Marlo clapped back, “I feel like that’s when you changed.”

Marlo then asks Porsha is the stripper accusations from Cynthia’s bachelorette party true. Porsha can’t believe Marlo has the audacity to question her about the rumors since she’s already denied them. Porsha says no real friend of hers would ask her that. They hug it out but their issues are not settled. 

Porsha Williams and Marlo rejoin the ladies on the sprinter van. Marlo appears rattled and when questioned about her discussion with Porsha — she declines to share details claiming she’s exhausted from the conversation. Kenya prods Marlo for deets, but Marlo wouldn’t divulge very much.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Sundays at 8 pm, ET, on Bravo.


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