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RECAP: ‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Doesn’t Believe Kody Would Care for Her If She Got Sick with COVID!

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Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives begins with the Browns filming themselves during the pandemic using their cameras and cellphones. Kody Brown is always struggling to get a handle on who is following the lock down rules and social distancing recommendations.

After two weeks of not seeing Janelle Brown and her children, how has Kody not figured out this situation? It’s like everything else — he is not in-the-know. Each wife makes their own rules. Kody is toggling back and forth between Christine Brown’s house and Robyn Brown’s house. He admits that he sees Meri Brown occasionally but doesn’t stay the night. He is waiting until the two-week quarantine is over before heading to Meri’s house.

Breanna Brown is turning 16 years old. No one likes that the family can’t all get together. But Kody says this is the quietest birthday, and he’s enjoying the less chaotic atmosphere. Robyn feels like that is disloyal. 

Then the discussion turns to what would happen if any of the wives got sick. Kody says that if Robyn gets sick, he’s going to have to take care of the younger children. And he says, if any wife gets sick, he would step in. But somehow I don’t think he means if Meri gets sick. Janelle says that her kids are self-sufficient. Christine says that they would quarantine and get through it without Kody. Meri says Kody would not show up to take care of her. He barely shows up anyway.

At Meri Brown’s house, Mariah Brown and Audrey Kriss are a week into their quarantine. Meri decides to call her mom, Bonnie Ahlstrom. Her mom has been running Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, her family’s bed and breakfast. Meri decides that Bonnie should come to Flagstaff and Mariah and Audrey should go to Utah to run the bed and breakfast. Again, only one week into quarantine — and Mariah and Audrey are traveling. This doesn’t really jibe with the emotional political discussion last week about “every life matters” and “all lives are worth more than the economy.” I guess we should have added “unless it is my mom’s business” or “unless it’s my grandma.” Bottom line, Mariah has never been one to just do as she’s told if she thinks she knows better.

Truely Brown has heard on the news that everyone is allowed to shelter at home with family. She doesn’t understand that she can’t be with all of her family. Some of the family is gathering for Garrison Brown’s birthday at Janelle’s house. Christine and her three youngest daughters are driving over. Kody is not attending. Janelle’s three youngest kids are on the porch opposite Christine’s kids. They “air hug” and are excited. They miss each other. 

Janelle’s been talking about the family breakdown and cohesiveness. She does admit that this separation is easier in many regards. She’s probably trying to think of a way to say there is less drama.

Meri is on the road, following Mariah and Audrey to Utah. Meri acts like she can’t remember if she said anything to Kody about the girls leaving. Meri is taking a load of stuff to Utah and bringing back her mom to stay in Flagstaff. Meri says, “Our family just doesn’t communicate.” Christine says they talk to each other when they have to. Anyone think that Meri is enjoying catching Kody not communicating so that she can use it against him?

Meri’s nephew, Connor, is at the inn when she arrives. Audrey and Mariah seem excited to run the bed and breakfast. Bonnie is excited to go to Meri’s. And Connor is confused. He thinks it’s weird that two girls are getting married. Connor says that Audrey is his BFF. He’s cute, but it must be weird to have everyone’s cameras in his face asking him questions. Mariah admits that “people like Audrey more, and I understand.” Meri thinks that one stop, really quick, with hand sanitizer is ok on their interstate five-hour drive. I’m pretty sure that’s not what shelter-at-home is all about.

Christine Brown and her girls show up on Robyn’s porch for Aurora Brown’s 18th birthday. Truely and Solomon Brown are upset that they can’t play together. Ariella Brown gives Truely one of her stuffed animals. Truely is upset and crying. Solomon is upset in his room. The kids are confused about these kinds of things. 

Kody  is bitter that the 20-year-olds are acting like it doesn’t matter. Kody heads to Meri’s house. He hasn’t talked to Mariah and Audrey, so he doesn’t know the girls aren’t there. Kody says it’s been almost two weeks that Mariah and Audrey have been quarantining, so he is excited to see them. Meri tells Kody that the girls aren’t there. Kody seems upset. Meri is snickering, like she pulled one over on him. 

Kody is disappointed at not seeing the girls. And he doesn’t understand why Meri doesn’t just close down the business. Meri is defensive and says, Kody and I don’t talk. 

Kody is social distancing from Meri because she’s had three people in her home, Mariah, Audrey, and Bonnie. Kody’s trying to lower the risk to everyone in their family. Kody talks about Meri’s catfishing situation from five years ago in an attempt to explain why he is still not staying with Meri. And Kody has felt shut out for more than five years. Five years ago, Meri says that she shut down.

Meri says that at the time, she told Kody to stay away. But she never meant for that to be forever. So once again, Meri says something. Kody does what she asks. And then Meri rewrites history to play the victim. Robyn explains that she thinks that Kody has PTSD from Meri telling him to move out of her house. And Robyn thinks it’s awkward that this is happening right in front of her.  

Sister Wives

Even a year into living in Flagstaff, Kody was bitter, but he’s trying to let it go. Meri is still entrenched in her victimhood and they can’t figure it out. Kody is trying to be friendlier with her, but he is clear that he’s not interested in Meri romantically. 

News sources are reporting that Bonnie Ahlstrom, Meri’s mom, unexpectedly passed away this week at the age of 76.  

Next time, more fallout from the stress of quarantining separately. Janelle has quarantined five weeks from Kody. Christine and Robyn have been alternating time with him. Robyn thinks it’s unfair that Kody has been at her house too much. Meri ends this episode by saying, “I can’t make him love me.” And then, when Kody says that he thinks one or some of his wives might just be better off married to another man, Meri is upset to think that Kody is just deciding “to pick and choose who to keep.”

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 pm, ET, on TLC.



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