‘RHOA’ RECAP: Falynn Guobadia Goes After LaToya Ali With A Golf Club!

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Falynn Guobadia

We begin this episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta with Kenya Moore. She meets Marlo Hampton in a rental pop up shop filled with Dolce and Chanel. Friend of the Housewives, Falynn Guobadia is on hand, too. Falynn is throwing a Halloween party and wants Kenya to come, even though Marlo can’t attend. Kenya doesn’t want to come dressed as a sexy nurse though, because she has respect for Falynn’s husband. But Falynn assures her this will be a ladies’ only party.

After Falynn leaves, Marlo and Kenya chat. Kenya says she’d be scared to rent to these girls with their WAPs. Furthermore, Kenya is shocked at the group’ behavior lately. Yes, Kenya is still carrying on about the Bolo incident. Hey, Kenya. Get a storyline and let this go already!

Marlo wonders if LaToya Ali is really Kenya’s friend, because Toya spilled the tea on Kenya’s divorce. Marlo warns Kenya to be on her guard with Toya, then they pose for pics, which Kenya posts on her social media. Are they really friends now? Marlo doesn’t know, but she’s hopeful.

At Drew Sidora’s house, she’s giving her mom the scoop about her upcoming plans involving her agent and a job in New Orleans. She wants to invite the ladies to tag along. Drew’s family — the maternal side — live in NOLA. 

Pastor Jeanette tells about living in the Jim Crow era when she went down south every summer. It was hard to find a bathroom or a restaurant that would serve African Americans. And the kicker? Part of Jeanette’s family was white, yet she suffered discrimination. Jeanette’s great-grandfather was white.

Jeanette was also adopted, which opens a whole new can of worms for Drew. Her firstborn son’s father has been incarcerated. Now that he’s out, he wants to reconnect with his son.

Drew wonders who her biological grandfather is. Jeanette isn’t interested in the family tree. If her bio father didn’t care enough to reach out during her seventy-six years, he doesn’t deserve her interest. Jeanette’s parents loved her, and that’s good enough for her.

Next, we have a brief montage. At Porsha Williams’ house, PJ is trying to eat spaghetti, which is hard for one-year-old. And Kenya is talking to a woman in a chef’s jacket about LaToya’s loose lips. Kandi is working out with her cousin/trainer. She has a new role in an upcoming movie called Envy, not to be confused with Melissa Gorga’s cheesy boutique. So, Kandi has taken up jogging to get back in shape. 

Cynthia Bailey and Mike (#Chill, if you will) stroll hand in hand to an outdoor café. She says he glows, like a husband should. They discuss the ceremony, and he’s still touched by her vows — and shocked by how long they were. They chuckle over her ex, Leon’s, prerecorded toast. Mike wants to buy a house in Atlanta. They need something bigger. Lake Bailey is fine, but they need something together. Cynthia’s cool with that.

Cynthia Bailey

Drew facetimes Cynthia. She throws out the idea of a girls’ trip to NOLA. And Drew’s husband got a private jet. For everyone this time, not just Kenya and Toya! She throws a little shade on Kenya’s sad hosting skills and says she’ll show how a girls’ trip is really done, all right?

In Drew’s new house, she talks to Ralph about Josiah’s dad stepping back into the picture. Even though Ralph has taken on the dad role for Josiah, he thinks Josiah’s bio dad should be involved. Drew cries as she makes the decision to talk to Josiah about it. 

Josiah has only met his real father a couple of times, and once was when Josiah was a toddler.  Ralph didn’t have a great relationship with his own dad, so he’s very sensitive about having a father around. 

Drew and Ralph enter the kitchen to talk to Josiah about “old daddy.” Josiah has zero interest in meeting, talking to, or seeing his bio dad. Drew encourages the relationship, but Josiah is firm in his refusal. He’s tired of the conversation and just wants some sushi for lunch. But Ralph tells Josiah that getting to know his real dad is important. It will be exciting, says Ralph. Josiah says maybe in the future he’ll be open to meeting old daddy. 

The night of Falynn’s Halloween party has arrived. Her house has been transformed into a haunted zone. Falynn is dressed as Medusa. Kandi is a cheetah. Cynthia is a human hand sanitizer. Shamea is an astronaut. Kenya shows up as a Native American with a headdress. Drew is a Cat, from the musical, and she’s not happy with Kenya’s outfit. But Drew stays quiet to keep the peace.

Once the ladies get through the haunted house situation, there’s not really much to do. And the food looks like a bunch of pizza rolls I’d feed teenagers. 

LaToya, dressed as a dead mermaid, finally shows up. She air kisses Kenya. Then she sits down, demands a drink, and compliments Falynn on her home. A home that only her sixty-five-year-old husband bought. Wow. Way to be gracious. And where are the chefs, demands Toya.

Falynn tells Toya to go fix herself a drink. But Toya says she’ll be served in this house or she won’t drink at all! I wish Falynn would tell her to find the door and use it. Instead, she plays the dutiful hostess and gets LaToya a drink. Though she does tell Toya that rich people don’t act like this. Only poor people.

Toya isn’t fazed. She says Falynn came up from the hood herself. Yikes!

Kandi Burruss, who introduced the group to Toya, is shocked by her behavior. Who goes into a woman’s home and acts like this?

Then Toya decides to go in on Drew, saying they have a love/hate relationship. Next, Toya corners Kenya. She shames Kenya for avoiding her calls and texts in front of the women. Toya tells Kenya if she has a new boo, Toya will move on to the next woman. God help us all.

Drew makes a toast to Mrs. Hill. And Kandi spills the tea about her new movie role, and the women toast to that, too.

Kenya Moore pulls Toya aside and talks to her privately. She tells Toya that she’s just not happy with her. Toya is pissed that Kenya has been ignoring her.

Kenya confronts Toya about talking about Kenya’s divorce. Toya insists she was defending and protecting Kenya to the other women. Protect her from what, Kenya wants to know. Whatever Kenya and Porsha have going on, it’s weird and LaToya doesn’t understand it, but she’s always there to back up Kenya. Toya is loyal to Kenya. Period. 

When she raises her voice, Kenya tells her to calm it down. Toya says she’s from Trinidad, that’s why she raises her voice. Deal with it or don’t!

LaToya tells Kenya she’s going back to the sea. But she needs some love first, so hugs, bitches! Kenya isn’t giving Toya any love. She says Toya got all her love from Porsha. (Still with the Bolo business?)

Speaking of Porsha, she arrives dressed as a…cat. That seems to be a big theme for the night. Porsha doesn’t even recognize Kandi, who’s not impressed with Porsha’s lazy costume.

Porsha wonders where everyone is. But it’s just the ladies. No outsiders. Kind of a letdown for everyone. Porsha doesn’t even feel guilty that she got her outfit from Party City, thank you.

Meanwhile, Kenya and Toya are still hashing it out. Toya says she was tipsy the night she talked about Kenya and her divorce. Kenya can’t trust Toya now. Toya says she and Kandi already talked about the divorce. If Kandi hadn’t brought it up, Toya never would have mentioned it. She felt like it was already out in the group, so no harm if she discussed it. Toya says Kenya is going through some tough times right now. Divorce is hard.

Kenya puts the brakes on that line of convo. Defending Kenya like that makes it seem like she’s acting inappropriately, like she needs an excuse for her bad behavior. Kenya insists she did nothing wrong. She didn’t fuck a stripper. They did. Toya laughs as Kenya rages in her costume. Kenya storms back inside in a huff.

Kenya Moore

Kenya and Toya rejoin the party. When Porsha and Toya hug, Kenya looks disgusted. But Porsha is feeling the same way about Kenya’s costume. She says, “I knew that this girl was crazy, but add lame to the list. Add whack to the list.”

Toya decides to leave, saying she’s bored. Porsha offers to walk Toya to the door, but Toya wants Kenya to do it. Kenya refuses.

On the porch, Porsha wonders what’s going on with Kenya. Toya says she now has to choose sides between Porsha and Kenya. Toya wants to know the root of their animosity toward one another. Porsha says LaToya shouldn’t have spilled Kenya’s divorce news at Shamea’s party. Toya thinks the real issue is that she and Porsha kissed. 

LaToya Ali

Porsha acts confused. She says Toya is making this into something it’s not. Toya counters that Kenya is the one making the kiss into a big deal. 

Kenya is now ready to leave. Falynn and Cynthia walk her to the front door, through the haunted maze. 

Kenya and Falynn interrupt Porsha and Toya. Kenya basically ignores the pair. Falynn asks why Toya is leaving so soon. Toya says the energy is off. Yeah, it got off when Toya insulted Falynn.

Toya doesn’t want to hear it and walks toward her car. Falynn screams that Toya is a ho. Then Falynn tells the women that she had three kids by the time she was thirty-one. Toya screams from the passenger seat, “By three baby daddies?”

LaToya Ali

Kenya is now embarrassed that she didn’t get Toya in check. Kenya sits on the step next to Cynthia. By this time, Porsha has gone back inside, and Falynn unloads her frustration of Toya. But Toya is still yelling at Falynn from the car.

Inside, Porsha tells Drew, Shamea, and Kandi what she and Toya talked about. 

At this point, Toya gets out of the car, insults Falynn’s looks, and shakes her hips and waves her arms over her head. Cynthia is over Toya’s rudeness. Falynn is ready to go after Toya, but Kenya holds her back. The women in the kitchen hear a scream as Kenya wrangles Falynn into the house, and a man — a producer? Security? — holds her back, but Falynn breaks free and runs past the women in the kitchen.  

Falynn Guobadia

The women trail after Falynn, who goes for one of her husband’s golf clubs. They wrench it from her, while three security men hold her back. A man drags Falynn upstairs, while the women inside wonder what happened.

Everyone leaves without saying goodbye to Falynn. And that’s a wrap.

So, are you tired of Toya or is she the only one bringing the drama? Does Kenya have reason to be angry with Toya? And is this renewed friendship between Marlo and Kenya the real deal?


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