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Garcelle Beauvais Says Uncomfortable Racism Conversation Impacted Relationship With Kyle Richards!

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Garcelle Beauvais
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Garcelle Beauvais revealed that her relationship with her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star, Kyle Richards, had improved after the duo “went through our stuff.”

The reality star shared more details behind the friendship revamp, in a recent interview. 

Garcelle Beauvais

Fans of the show know that the pair did not get along during Garcelle’s freshman season, and that Kyle dropped a bomb during the reunion series, alleging that Garcelle had stiffed her after promising to donate $5k to  Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Kyle alleged that her team made multiple attempts to collect the cash from Garcelle, and that she had been unresponsive. Garcelle later explained that the donation “fell through the cracks innocently” before both sides confirmed that she had honored her pledge. 

Kyle Richards

Garcelle Beauvais spoke to Vulture this week, and dished how her relationship with Kyle improved, following the tense situation. 

“I think what changed is sometimes you have to have the conversations that are tough. If you turn on any news, any talk show, anything right now, all of them have talked about race issues,” she told the outlet. “I think whenever you have those difficult conversations, it can either go one of two ways: It can either go that relationship is severed and you both don’t get each other, or you were able to get past it and actually have a deeper conversation and maybe something important came out of it.”

Kyle Richards

Garcelle confirmed that the duo had an important conversation about “race and racism in America.” 

“Oh, yeah. I don’t know how much I can say, but I think her calling me out for not paying for the charity was definitely something that she weaponized,” she added. “We can watch it on the show — I’m not allowed to really talk about it. But it was along the lines of certain things you say to people, and that was just a low blow.”

Garcelle Beauvais

As reported last month — Garcelle Beauvais will be the center of drama when RHOBH returns for its 11th season—and she spilled some preview tea during a February appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 

“They’re coming for me, let me just say that. They’re coming for me, but I’m ready,” Garcelle shared with Mario Lopez. 

“I got my girls here from ‘The Real’ and we’re coming for them,” she added. 

Garcelle Beauvais

Mario Lopez, who was filling in for Ellen Degeneres, also asked the actress about her experience on reality tv thus far. 

“It’s like another animal. I mean, I had never done reality before and putting yourself out there. You know, obviously acting is really what I’ve always done. And you can’t hide behind a character,” she said.  

Garcelle Beauvais

The reality star confirmed she would be returning to the RHOBH cast in October 2020, following Denise Richards’ dramatic exit. 

“You know you gotta be a little brave. A little scared. A little ready,” Garcelle told Entertainment Tonight in October.

She continued, “I mean, it’s all those things, and I say it with a laugh because I’m ready, but you’re never really ready.” 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is expected to return this spring. 


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