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Porsha Williams Admits To Lesbian Fling With Latoya Ali!

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Porsha Williams

There has been a lesbian undercurrent on the current season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta — and it appears that Porsha Williams recently fueled the rumor that some girl on girl activity has been going on behind the scenes. 

Porsha and her co-star Drew Sidora, recently chatted about an incident involving their cast mate, LaToya Ali, during a joint interview. Drew claimed that LaToya had once licked a toilet boil, which set off a livelier conversation. 

LaToya Ali

Porsha Williams took in the story before she blurted, “Don’t tell me that, because LaToya kissed me down ther….” She abruptly stopped her comment, sparking questions among fans who wondered if Porsha had just spilled that LaToya had “kissed her down there.”

Porsha’s pal, Shamea Morton, quickly interjected her own commentary, in a seeming attempt to rescue Porsha.

“She didn’t kiss you down nowhere. What you talking about Porsha?!” Shamea asked. 

“I said I would hope she didn’t have her tongue down in the toilet cause she kissed my lips” Porsha quickly said, pointing to her mouth. 

A popular internet personality made a video after the Bravo ladies’ interview,  sounding off about the comment. The video triggered more fan chatter about   the possibility of RHOA lesbian activity.    

Most fans know that this isn’t the first time that rumored lesbian tea has been spilled during the unfolding RHOA season. 

As reported in October, two cast members allegedly had sexual relations with a male stripper at Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette bash.

Allegedly, Porsha Williams and Tanya Sam had a threesome with a male stripper during a cast trip to Charleston, South Carolina.

Allegedly some “girl on girl on girl action” also went down between Porsha WilliamsTanya Sam and RHOA newcomer, LaToya Ali — “There were multiple people that had girl-on-girl,” a source said, adding that the makeout sessions shifted to oral sex at times. “They were so drunk.”  

Porsha Williams

The crew wrapped in the early morning hours, and two of the women allegedly moved into a private bedroom with the male stripper hired for the evening.

“[I was] hearing all these noises, sex talk and ‘F me harder,’” the source said, adding that a second person heard the trio for an hour. “She said when she thought they were finished, they started back up again.”

Although the tryst wasn’t caught on camera, the cast members “underestimated the power of the microphones” because “production has usable footage.”

LaToya Ali

Cynthia Bailey sounded off about the racy bachelorette party during an appearance on the E! Online show, in November.

“I cannot confirm nor deny anything that happened after Miss Bailey Hill went to bed,” Cynthia joked, referring the RHOA trailer shocker, which hinted that some of her co-stars hooked up with a stripper at the party. 

“But clearly some things went down,” Cynthia added.

Kenya Moore

“These are grown women,” Cynthia told E! co-hosts, Justin Sylvester and Carissa Culiner. ”They can do whatever they want to do with whoever they want to do it with. It is not my business. If they like it, I love it.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Sundays at 8 pm, ET, on Bravo.  



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