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Claudia Jordan Does NOT Support Zaya Wade’s Transgender Decision!

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Claudia Jordan

The ladies of Fox Soul’s “Cocktails with Queens” recently discussed the controversy swirling around singer, J-Boog’s comments on a conversation between Zaya Wade, 13, and Michelle Obama, in honor of Women’s History Month. 

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Zaya Wade

Former B2K member, J-Boog, sparked controversy when he shared his thoughts via a comment under Hollywood Unlocked’s posted series of clips of the exchange between Zaya and Obama, who were discussing the importance of personal confidence. Zaya described the clips as “very demonic” and accused people of exploiting Zaya for “their new agenda.” The child has been hit by negative backlash since news broke that she was requesting to be identified with feminine pronouns — despite being born a biological male. 

Claudia Jordan

Claudia Jordan weighed in on the chat between Zaya and Obama, and J-Boog’s outspoken commentary. 

“I think two things can be possible at the same time. I think the fact that — what Michelle Obama was doing was encouraging to a child. She was looking out for someone — an individual — and other kids that are like that,’ the Real Housewives of Atlanta alum said.

“On the other hand — I think some people are not properly articulating how uncomfortable they may feel about a child being pushed,” Jordan continued. “They may think that child is being pushed to the front of the agenda — pushed to be the face of this. Now if Zaya is 1000% okay with that, then I’m all for it,” the host added. 

Claudia Jordan

“It’s really none of my business, but I feel like it’s our job to talk about these things,” Jordan noted, later in the show. 

She pointed out that puberty can be a confusing time for all children. 

“I just hope that there are no regrets later on. I just want Zaya at the end of it to not feel and pressure. Like if Zaya ever felt like, ‘You know what? I don’t feel this way anymore.’ Does Zaya feel this uncomfortable, ridiculous amount of pressure to not be able to go back? Not saying that she wants to,” the cohost clarified, “but I just feel like [it’s] such a young age to have so much pressure on her shoulders,” Claudia Jordan said. 

Claudia Jordan

Vivica Fox chimed in, commenting, “Let that child live,” before addressing the negative comments aimed at Zaya, including from J-Boog.

She said, “to come out with such a harsh statement — when here is the first lady showing an example to other African American women [that] if your child is different, look at them, accept them, and love them.”

Claudia Jordan

“Keyword, love them through it,” Syleena Johnson added. 

“What is the alternative?” Johnson asked viewers. “That you look into your child’s face and say ‘No I don’t agree with that,’ and then they go out and still be who they feel they are? Please understand that whether you like it or not, they’re still going to be who they are — whether in front of your face or behind your back. So what is the alternative? To allow them to go and be unsafe? Unsupervised? Not with your love, mentorship, and support? As a mom, I would never do that to my child.”



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