‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Pregnant Lala Kent Body-Shamed For Lumpy Booty!

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Vanderpump Rules duo, Lala Kent and Brittany Cartwright recently shared a beachside belly bump, and fans had lots to say about the pregnant beauties. See below.

Lala Kent

All About The Tea shared the double bump photo on our Instagram page — and it wasn’t long before IG users were chiming in on the reality stars’ blossomed  physiques.

“I’m gonna need LaLa to wear full coverage and don’t NOBODY come for me… l said what l said,” one fan snarked about the bikini clad soon-to-be mom.

“seriously…that butt is … Umm…give me bubble tummy,” another agreed.

Lala put a suit on,” one follower wrote. 

“She needs to find the rest of that swimsuit, because that ain’t it,” another commented.

“Look at La La’s Butt ??” a viewer wrote.

Vanderpump Rules

Brittany was also mercilessly bashed by snarky fans. 

“Britt must be having twins???” one fan asked.

“either that or a 12 pounder!” another chimed in.

“I think Britney has more than one in there. Good lord,” a viewer noted

“Brit will give birth to a full blown adult,” another remarked.

“Brittany huge ?.. is that lala… ? no glam here,” another said.

“High and wide!” one fan quipped.

Vanderpump Rules

As reported, Lala Kent shared her happy baby news during a September episode of her podcast, “Give Them Lala… With Randall podcast.”

“Today is my 30th birthday and I can’t think of any other way to celebrate than with you guys coming through your headphones and speakers,” Kent said. “And for my 30th birthday, I had the best gift given to me, my body also helped out too… I am pregnant.”

LaLa Kent

Lala Kent, who has been engaged to film producer Emmett Randall, 49, since 2018, added, “I am so excited, I feel very maternal and motherly. I cry about everything,” she continued. “I look in the refrigerator and it could be empty or full and I’m like, it’s happy or sad.” 

Lala Kent

Brittany Cartwright and her husband/former co-star, Jax Taylor, were rumored to be cashing in on their impending arrival by participating in a “pregnant couples” series.

Jax and Brittany are planning to get their own show based on their new phase of life becoming parents,” a source told E! News on December 10. “They have started to film ideas and are pitching it right now. We will definitely be seeing them return. Many people are interested in this new journey and they are very excited to share.”

Lala Kent

The couple confirmed their exits from Vanderpump Rules in early December.

Jax Taylor hinted in a November interview that he would love to work on a series with Stassi Schroeder, Beau Clark, Lala Kent, and Randall Emmett, who are also expecting their first children.


“Stay tuned!” Jax teased, when an Instagram follower nudged him to “start a new show with all the pregnant couples.”

Brittany’s son is due to arrive in April, and Lala’s daughter is also expected to make her debut in a few weeks.

Vanderpump Rules are on hiatus.



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