EXCLUSIVE: ‘Little Women: Atlanta’ Amanda & Jordan Tackle Their Painful Infertility Struggles!

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Amanda Salinas and her husband, Jordan Castillo, will tackle the painful reality of infertility, in an upcoming episode of Little Women: Atlanta

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On Friday’s all-new episode of Little Women: Atlanta — the couple share intimate details about their struggle to conceive children in the following EXCLUSIVE preview of the March 5 episode.

“We can use that room for a business room now.” Jordan tells Amanda, 27, in the EXCLUSIVE clip below. “For business room or for a baby room.” Amanda responds.

Jordan tells Amanda emphatically, “I want a boy!” 

“First I have to see if I’m able to even have kids.” Amanda responds.

Jordan reassures his wife, “You’re overthinking babe. Yes, you can have kids.”

“I don’t think I’m overthinking it, because of what I’ve been through with all my surgeries, MRIs, X-Rays, radiation, and everything.” Amanda explains. 

In a talking head confessional Amanda shares more in-depth details about her extensive medical history.

“My medical rap sheet is long, y’all. I’ve had several surgeries to straighten my legs. I basically lived under X-Rays and MRIs. I’ve been injected with dyes, metals, man you just name it. And all that could affect my ability of getting pregnant.” Amanda says.

Jordan encourages his wife to remain hopeful — “Well you go get your tests to make sure you can have kids babe. That’ll be a big relief off of you,” He tells Amanda.

“I’m just falling apart. It’s gonna kill me inside if I’m not able to have kids because of all the radiation and everything. I just want to make sure I’m able to have kids. That’s it.” An emotional Amanda tells her husband.

Amanda Salinas gets candid in a talking head confessional about her fears of possibly not being able to conceive.

“It’s been bothering me for years not knowing if I can have kids or not. But to be honest, I’ve secretly been putting it off because I’m terrified if they’re gonna tell me that I can’t. And that would crush me and Jordan, too.” Amanda shares.

Press play below to watch the emotional scene and tune into Little Women: Atlanta on March 5, at 9pm ET, on Lifetime.


Amanda Salinas and Jordan Castillo started dating on December 14, 2014. In Summer 2017, the couple got engaged and  tied the knot on August 25, 2018.

Once again, the ladies bring the fun, the drama, the competition and the love as together they face health issues, careers changes, relationship ups and downs and life’s hardest trials and tribulations — all while still dealing with the complexities of living in an average size world.

Starting on January 29th the series will premiere 90-minute supersized episodes at 9pm ET/PT every Friday night, followed by the all-new 30 minute after show, Little Women: Atlanta Unfiltered, hosted by Loni Love (The Real).

Little Women: Atlanta airs Friday nights, at 9pm ET, on Lifetime.


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