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Jenelle Evans Says Barbara ‘Mentally Ruined’ Her & Vows To ‘Always Fight’ For Custody of Jace!

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans has alleged that her mother, Barbara Evans, has “mentally ruined” her, and vowed to “always fight” for custody of her eleven-year-old son, Jace.

Jenelle Evans

The former Teen Mom 2 star’s feud with her mother was reignited after Barbara refuted Jenelle’s claim that she had won custody of her son.

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans shared a 2013 snap of her oldest son on her Facebook page, where she wrote how much she missed her boy. She added a jab at her mother in a new caption, writing:

“#Bittersweet I cannot stand my mom once again.She mentally ruined me but it’s ok because I will always fight for my son. Can’t keep the games going for much longer.”

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle’s post came on the heels of Barbara insisting that she still had  custody of Jace, after Jenelle hinted that there had been action on the custody battle front.

Jenelle Evans

A fan asked Barbara if she still had custody of Jace on Instagram, and she responded, “yes.” Meanwhile, Jenelle was sounding off on TikTok, telling followers that she could not discuss the custody issue because of legal restraints. She added that she would update fans at the appropriate time.


“Now I know you guys keep asking about my mom and Jace’s situation but right now again, another topic, it’s just not the time to talk about right now legally. Going through some stuff and I’ll let you guys know eventually,” Jenelle said.

Jenelle Evans

A circulating rumor alleged that Jenelle had taken over custody of Jace, because her mother could “no longer handle” his behavior. The ex-MTV star told TikTok users that Jace was now in her full time care.

“I have custody of Jace, he lives with me now full time. My kids are happy, healthy, that’s all that f***ing matters,” Jenelle said.

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle and Barbara came to an agreement to allow Jace to live full time with his mother and her husband, David Eason, according to a report by The Ashley.

“This decision has way more to do with Jace than Jenelle. Barbara can’t handle Jace anymore,” a source told the outlet.

“They had been getting into really bad fights and Barbara is just done with it. That’s why she agreed to allow Jace to live with Jenelle. Things had gotten so bad between Barbara and Jace.”

Jenelle Evans

The insider claimed that the mother/daughter duo was preparing to sign a legal agreement—but in a counter-statement, Barbara told TMZ that Jace was living in both houses, in order to mix it up during the pandemic.

Barbara explained that Jace lives with his mother for three or four days a week, to give the child a change of scenery. Barbara said that she spoke with Jenelle after she made her claim, and her daughter admitted that she “misspoke,” and acknowledged that her mother still had legal custody of Jace. 

Teen Mom fans know that Jenelle signed over custody of Jace shortly after his birth because of her multiple legal issues. Jenelle shares a son, Kaiser, 6, with her ex, Nathan Griffith, and a daughter, Ensley, 4, with her husband. She is also a stepmom to David’s daughter, Maryssa, from a previous marriage.

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