Lisa Rinna’s 19-Yr-Old Daughter Amelia Gray Gushes Over 37-Yr-Old Scott Disick Romance Amid Backlash!

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Amelia Hamlin, daughter of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Lisa Rinna, is calling out critics who have been sounding off about her romance with Scott Disick.

Amelia Hamlin, 19, posted a series of snaps with Scott, 37, on Instagram over the weekend, inviting lots of online chatter. In one shot, the young model, who was sporting a transparent top, sat on her boyfriend’s lap at a dinner table, gazing toward him while he stared into the camera.

Scott Disick

Bravo fan account, @bestofbravo posted the pics on Instagram, firing up fans. IG users were swift to bash the couple, some calling out the age difference and others sharing a chorus of dislike for Scott Disick.

“It’s so cute that he gives back to children in his community ?,” one fan snarked.

“What bothers me the most other than his shit hair is that it’s obvious she’s way into him and he’s just into himself. She’s young and def gonna end up hurt,” another commented.

Lisa Rinna

The criticism kept flooding in, with one user expressing a belief that Amelia was attracted to Scott because of his connection to the Kardashian clan.

“She just wants him cause he’s older and because of his Kardashian ties. If anyone can’t see that then idk, lol. I mean she’s slowly morphing into one as we speak!!! Her entire look changed in less than a month!!! It kills me some people act like she’s a victim to an older man… She knows exactly what she’s doing,” the fan wrote.

“Does he send all his girlfriends to the Kardashians/Jenner factory??,” asked another.

Amelia Hamlin

Some onlookers decided to trash Scott’s look with one “The Office” fan writing, “For some reason, he looks like Michael Scott and I cannot unsee it, lol.” 

Another fan begged “Please get this off my feed.”   

Amelia Hamlin stepped into the controversy to shut down the chatter.

“Everyone can calm down,” she wrote.

Fans responded to her request, one noting,  “as if she isn’t living for this attention.” 

“He’s too old for you babes. You’re dating an old man with 1 million children YUCK,” another commented.

Amelia Hamlin

As reported, the model was hit by social media backlash in December, after being accused of going full Kardashian, on Instagram. Amelia’s rumored romance with Scott seemingly sparked negative feedback from loyal Kardashian fans, who sounded off on her post.

Amelia Hamlin

The teen posted a series of photos sporting all black along with dark makeup, and it didn’t take long for her followers to point out that her look mimicked a classic Kardashian aesthetic.

“Why u look so like Khloe K lately?” one critical fan asked.

“Here she goes, black thick eyes and greasy hair she must want to look like KK,” another noted.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns this spring.


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