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Kody Brown ATTACKS ‘Sister Wives’ Fans Who Call Out His Blatant Favoritism of Robyn!

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Sister Wives

Kody Brown lashed out on Twitter during Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives — responding to a fan who claimed that he “neglects” his wives for his “favorite” wife, Robyn Brown.

Kody Brown

Fans of the long running reality show know that Kody Brown is “spiritually” wed to Meri Brown, 50, Janelle Brown, 51, and Christine Brown, 48, and legally married to Robyn, 42. Fans have long held a belief that Kody has favored Robyn — his fourth wife — since she came into the polygamous clan. The current season of the TLC series is exploring the wives struggle with jealousy.

During Sunday’s episode, a fan tweeted at Kody, “Things went downhill when Robyn joined the family but that’s not all Robyn’s fault. Kody was so obviously in lust with Robyn he neglected his otherwives. #sisterwives #TLC.”

Kody rarely calls out his critics, but the TLC personality made an exception on Sunday, bashing the viewer. 

“Hey JACKWAGON! You never new [sic] this family without Robyn. She has blessed us as each wife would agree. #SisterWives,” Kody fired back.

Fans continued to sound off about the controversy, with one fan writing on Reddit, “Where’s this energy for the rest of the wives, Kody?”

One Twitter user pointed out the obvious — that the Brown family patriarch jumped to defend Robyn, when he typically stays quiet amid fan backlash. 

“I think you just proved a point Kody… you immediately came to defend Robyn... publicly. Have you ever done that for Meri? Or another wife! Legitimate question bc I don’t know but I don’t recall seeing it.”

“Damn you jump and attack the second someone says something ‘bad’ about Robyn!!! Maybe if you treated your other wives the same way, they wouldn’t want to all live in separate homes and be away from each other most of the time. You and Robyn broke the other wives. So sad,” another fan said.

Janelle Brown called a family meeting during the premiere episode, to discuss how the family had been growing apart since their move to Flagstaff, Arizona.

Kody Brown shocked the group when he revealed that he’s “not an advocate of plural marriage anymore.”

“I am more aware now than I ever was before the apparent and obvious unfairness in a relationship. I have all the love I want and you guys sometimes feel like you’re pining constantly for me to give you some,” the father of eighteen said.

“Plural marriage, what I know about it, I wonder if I would do it again. Knowing that it’s hard on all of you. When we’re not doing a good job I get grouchy and I say I can’t believe I’ve done this to me and to you,” Kody added.

Christine confessed that Kody’s words were difficult to take.

“We only see him once or twice a week. He’s only there in the evenings. We don’t see him any other time. When he comes over, he disrupts the entire schedule we have. We don’t know when he’s coming home. There is so much to cram into a few hours and it’s so stressful. I guess I wouldn’t know because you’re always holding your phone,” she told the group.

Sister Wives

Kody admitted that his relationship with Christine had hit some bumps, in a shocking confessional spot.

Christine is speaking her truth. When I am on my phone, it’s because I don’t feel like engaging in her. It’s not an addiction to the phone. It’s an excuse to separate from the angst in our relationship,” Kody said.

As reported, Robyn admitted that she deals with jealousy from the other wives, during Sunday’s episode.

“Oh yeah sure, ‘I’m tired with dealing with wives and their closets and stuff,’ oh sure, blah, blah, blah,” Robyn snarked in an interview spot, indirectly responding to Kody’s expressed complaint. “You’ll survive.”

“If I can survive sharing you and dealing with the jealousy and the drama and all the stuff that has to do with plural marriage then you’ll be OK,” she added.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10 pm, ET, on TLC.



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