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Tom Girardi Caught Embezzling Law Firm Funds To Erika Jayne Amid Fraud Allegations!

Erika Jayne, estranged wife of fallen famed attorney, Thomas Girardi, is being called out for collecting under the radar payments, amid the couple’s ongoing legal and financial woes.

Attorney, Ronald Richards put the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star on blast on Twitter over the weekend, posting legal documents alongside his professional analysis.

“Breaking: @erikajayne and TG’s daughter had pymts assigned to them via a court stipulation.  Those payments are still on going. We are not aware they have been disclosed to anyone.  Attys don’t assign their fees to their spouses. Erika should return this money…#girardifraudRichards tweeted, attaching the docs.

In another tweet Ronald Richards stated, “…as it simply does not belong to her,” he continued. “I am sure she would not like this revealed but it has to be before these funds are dissipated.  Shirleen Fujimoto is of course the notary. She was Girardi’s secretary.  This is Erika’s signature and redacted information.  She won’t deny it.”


Richards posted some graphics illustrating his point, writing,“At some point, someone other than @realtomgirardi will have to take respon. for what happened over there.  There are three reasons IMO to assign payments,1. tax planning (kind)2. asset protection 3. estate planning if the attorney is dead. Attorneys cannot split fees w/ non atty.”

Fans know that Erika’s troubles began after she filed for divorce from Thomas, in November. Thomas was slammed by multiple lawsuits in December, one which accused the ex-couple of embezzling money designated to the families of victims of Lion Flight 610. They were also accused of staging their divorce, after it was alleged that they used the funds to support their lavish lifestyles. Thomas was slapped with a suit filed by his former business partner, and hit with another filed by Wells Fargo Financial Services, accusing the former famed lawyer of breaching contracts. Involuntary bankruptcy petitions were filed by the end of 2020.

As reported, Thomas’ brother, Robert Girardi, was named his brother’s temporary conservator, earlier this month.

Robert requested to take control of his brother’s estate amid the 81-year-old’s legal battles, but the judge only consented to Robert handling the lawyer’s affairs until March 30.

Robert filed documents addressing Tom’s involuntary bankruptcy case, alleging that his brother was experiencing short-term memory loss, and needed a conservator. He alleged that Thomas is “incapable of realizing” the consequences of the legal filings.

As reported, Richards tweeted out a snap earlier this month that Erika Jayne had posted on Instagram, asking if the photo was captured inside the Pasadena home she shared with her estranged husband, Thomas Girardi.

Erika’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills  co-star, Dorit Kemsley chimed in, defending her cast mate.

“I can 100% confirm this was NOT at the Pasadena home,” Dorit remarked, hours later. “Please, give her a break already! Innocent until proven guilty. This has moved beyond reporting to full on bullying.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns this spring.


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