‘Below Deck’ Elizabeth Frankini Slams Captain Lee ‘I Wouldn’t Want to Work With Him Again Either’ 

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Elizabeth Frankini has responded to Captain Lee Rosbach’s comment that he wouldn’t consider having her on his crew in the future.

Elizabeth Frankini

Below Deck fans know that Elizabeth was the first stew fired on the show, and that Captain Lee allowed chief stewardess, Francesa Rubi, to break the news.

Elizabeth Frankini

Elizabeth spoke to Showbiz Cheat Sheet about the situation, revealing that she was in the dark about Captain Lee’s true thoughts until she read his  blogs. The Below Deck stew said that the Bravo boss never gave her any reason to believe that he was unhappy with her work.

Captain Lee recently shared his blunt feedback on Twitter, responding to a fan who asked about Elizabeth’s potential shot at another season.

“Nope,” Captain Lee tweeted when asked if he would give Elizabeth another chance.

Elizabeth responded to Captain Lee’s tweet, telling the outlet, “I just want to say that Captain Lee, he’s miserable and judgmental,” Elizabeth said. “And after living through this experience like I wouldn’t want to work with him again either. He’s completely checked out, which is understandable.”

Elizabeth Frankini

Captain Lee returned to the series only months after losing his adult son to an accidental drug overdose. Captain Lee spoke about the horrifying loss during the season.  

Elizabeth acknowledged Captain Lee’s terrible ordeal but added that she wished that he understood how badly Francesca treated her.

Elizabeth Frankini

“He allowed Francesca to be a terrible chief stew,” she said. “Basically unchecked the entire season and then relies on watching the edited show to form his final opinion. Because he wasn’t involved enough to actually know what was going on in his own boat. And behind the scenes, I was being bullied and treated way worse than I think the camera showed.”

Captain Lee Rosbach

Elizabeth added that she was shocked that he did not handle her dismissal, and allowed Francesca to cut her loose.

“On the show, I thought we never had a problem” Elizabeth explained. “He always saw me running around. I thought we had a great relationship. I wouldn’t think he’d do that either and I thought he had my back.”

“As a captain, I thought he recognized my dedication and my abilities as a stewardess,” she continued. “So it was shocking.

Elizabeth Frankini shared that she was grateful for the friendships she developed with Isabelle “Izzy” Wouters and chef, Rachel Hargrove.

“I’m so grateful for Izzy and Rachel’s support,” she said. “Izzy was always aware of what I was going through and made a point to make me feel less alone in the experience.”

“And Rachel, we just clicked as friends,” she added. “On a professional level as the charters went on and on, it was interesting to see how Rachel became more and more aware of how the interior team was being misled.”

Elizabeth Frankini continues to work in the yachting industry.

Below Deck airs on Mondays, at 9 pm, ET, on Bravo. 

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