Exclusive: ‘Little Women: Atlanta’ Monie Asks Juicy For Help Finding A Job!

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In the Season 6 premiere episode of Little Women: Atlanta —  Monie Cashette returned to Atlanta and asked Juicy if she can crash at her place but was met with strong animosity and shown the door.

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On Friday’s all-new episode of Little Women: Atlanta Monie and Juicy have since patched things up and now Monie reaches out to Juicy for help breaking into the Atlanta promotion business. 

In the exclusive video below, Monie visits Juicy at her office because Juicy’s “either booked or busy.” Monie says.

“Look, I want to get into promoting and I’m trying to see if you can give me some advice.” Monie explains to Juicy.

“Sometimes, I wonder what this girl would do without me. I helped her find a place to live, now she want me to help her find a job.” Juicy shades in a talking head confessional. “The queen gonna have to start collecting royalties for all the advice I be giving out.”

“I mean I do know a little about promotion but I’m not the promoting queen.” Juicy tells Monie.

But in the end, Juicy helps her friend out by offering her an upcoming opportunity to make some money working a St. Patrick’s Day event. However, Juicy wants Monie to take this new career venture seriously because Atlanta can be cutthroat with people in the industry taking advantage.  

Press play below to watch an exclusive clip from the Friday, Feb. 18th episode. 


Once again, the ladies bring the fun, the drama, the competition and the love as together they face health issues, careers changes, relationship ups and downs and life’s hardest trials and tribulations — all while still dealing with the complexities of living in an average size world.

Starting on January 29th the series will premiere 90-minute supersized episodes at 9pm ET/PT every Friday night, followed by the all-new 30 minute after show, Little Women: Atlanta Unfiltered, hosted by Loni Love (The Real).

Little Women: Atlanta airs Friday nights, at 9pm ET, on Lifetime.


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