Mary Cosby Denies Leading A Cult & Stealing From Her Congregation!

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Real Housewives of Salt Lake City fans have been clamoring for more of Mary Cosby, who has been making fewer and fewer appearances, as the first season of the Bravo franchise rolls on.

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Viewers are curious to learn more about her life, especially her marriage to her late grandmother’s former husband. While fans want more of Mary, that hasn’t protected the Bravo personality from being slammed by a a flood of questions and even  accusations from curious viewers.

Mary Crosby

According to Entertainment Tonight, entire Reddit threads have been dedicated to hashing out Mary’s life, especially after audio leaked of Mary calling her parishioners stingy, and dissing them for not giving her gifts on her birthday.

“You’re not in church, you think I’m stupid? Coming in here draining me? I ain’t preaching over y’all’s sin. I’m doing everything else, ya’ll ain’t helping,” the Bravo personality allegedly commented on the leaked audio.

Mary Crosby

The voice continued, “Halfway pay your tithes. I got 14 birthday cards. Your old stingy selves. You old poor people. I don’t want no poor people around me. You’re poor as hell. And if you ain’t poor, you stingy cause you still poor! God said you was poor. Said your reaping, where’s that scripture, Norman?”

The leak sparked stories about how Mary conducts money matters within her church. Reddit users have sounded off, accusing the reality star of using tithes donated by the congregation for her own personal use — including rumored plastic surgery procedures and skin bleaching. Some social media critics have even accused Mary of operating a cult.

Whitney Rose

Mary spoke out about the rumors during a recent interview.

“Clearly I’m not gonna get on national television, be a Housewife and be in a cult. Like, come on. I believe in my church. They’ve been saying that since my grandmother started at the church,” she said of the cult accusation. “There’s no cult. … My church members, they know those are false allegations. Those are ridiculous. It’s the people that are looking for fault.”

Mary responded to rumors accusing her of pilfering funds from the church.

”That’s so cruel. I feel like it’s so judgmental, because I am African American and a woman and I do have an eye for finer things in life,” she said.

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Mary explained that her money comes from generational wealth and income generated by several businesses she owns with her husband — and not the church.

“But it’s not like I just have money coming out of the walls. These [designer] things that I have are collector pieces.”

Mary Cosby

Mary shared that she might not return to the the Utah franchise next season, after being hit by cast conflicts, fan backlash, and church rumors.

”I don’t know if I’ll do this again. That’s a strong question, and I think I need a little harvesting. I think it’s premature. I mean, would they want me back?” the reality star asked. 

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs on Wednesdays at 10 pm, ET, on Bravo.


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