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Fans Drag Kenya Moore’s ‘Diaper Booty’ On Social Media: ‘Way Too Heavy’!

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Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore strutted her stuff on social media on Thursday—taking a jog on a beach while being filmed from behind. Kenya backed up her video with “Fitness” by Lizzo, inviting fans to watch her slo-mo run in the sand. Kenya wore a pair of pastel leggings and a matching sports bra, but her sculpted backside took center stage. 

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Instagram fan account “therealitytvsource” shared Kenya’s fitness clip—and fans immediately sounded off on the reality star’s “bootylicious” social media share.

Many fans revived a rumor that has haunted Kenya since she joined RHOA—that her booty is a fake. Some Instagram users compared her spotlighted behind to a diaper.

“Butt injections look like a diaper. She didn’t need that,” a user commented.

“Her but not moving that look uncomfortable,” another noted.

“The diaper is a NO,” one follower declared.

“Way too heavy that diaper,” a user said.

“Kenya need to just stop 🛑 it. Her ass is made of cement. It doesn’t even bounce or move when she runs. It looks freaking stupid as Tiny and her skinny ass legs,” another fan wrote.

“Wait? When did she get a fake booty??” a user asked.

“why did she do this to herself?” another echoed.

“Botched ass that ass doesn’t fit that body she even turned off her comments cz she knew ppl were coming for her,” one fan noticed.

Some viewers laughed over Phaedra Parkspast comments about her former co-star’s prominent posterior, while feuding over dueling workout DVD projects.

Kenya Moore

“‘you selling a booty made in Mexico’ lmaooo,” a fan laughed.

“When Phaedra said how you got a work out video with a booty made in Mexico 😂😂😂😭😭,” another wrote.

“Booty made in Mexico 😂😂😂 Phaedra reads live in my head rent free😂😂,” a third joked.

Some onlookers pointed out that Kenya’s fit bod was surgically enhanced. 

“love when people go under the knife become fitness experts 💯💯🤣🤣😂🤭💀,” a follower said.

“silicone Barbie,” another quipped.

Kenya Moore

“These people are crazy. They go get work done then go to the gym like they put the work in,” a third user wrote.

Viewers know that Kenya has denied that she’s had any surgical butt booster—but some fans want the reality star to come clean.

“I’m not with that blowup booty, will she ever admit to it is the question?” a fan asked.

“Girl please your booty looks like it’s stuffed with rocks,” another said.

“your ass is FAKE BABE!!! Stop!!” another user implored.

Kenya Moore

As reported earlier this month—Kenya and her co-star, LaToya Ali’s friendship took a racy turn after Kenya sent the Bravo newbie a nude selfie.

On the January 10 episode of the show, LaToya revealed the sexy snap of her co-star, confirming that Kenya had sent her the image. The photo revealed a side profile of the reality star, completely naked, posing in front of a mirror. LaToya commented that she “slid out” from her chair at the scandalous pic the first time she saw it. “Her body is goals,” she later added.

Drew Sidora

Fans wanted to know why Kenya sent the photo to the RHOA rookie, and Kenya initially stayed tight-lipped.

Kenya later commented, “It’s just nice to have someone like LaToya around to make me feel sexy and vibrant and desirable.”

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