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Porsha Williams Claps Back At Haters Criticizing Her Reason For Having A Baby With Dennis!

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Porsha Williams

Porsha Williams is defending herself, after being hit by backlash for sharing why and how she decided to have a baby with her ex, Dennis McKinley. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is doubling down on the comments that raised fan eyebrows and invited lots of fiery feedback.  

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As reported earlier this month—fans called out Porsha after she shared the backstory behind her decision to get pregnant with the daughter she shares with her ex-fiancee. The reality star dished on her relationship status during a recent girls’ trip, and some fans took issue with the crude details behind how her on-again-off-again fiance wooed her into conceiving a child together.

Porsha opened up to her mother, sister, and friends about how Dennis talked her into the pregnancy, on a recent episode of RHOA. 

“I picked him, she wasn’t no mistake,” Porsha said in the scene. “I laid down and I knew what was going to happen.” 

”I was like ‘oh he got his own place, he got his own business, he ain’t got no kids, oh he want marriage, oh he wanna be with me,’” Porsha explained while opening her legs. 

Porsha Williams

“Impregnate me,” Porsha jokingly added. 

Fans did not appreciate Porsha’s sense of humor and immediately sounded off. 

“And that’s why she is in the situation she is in,” one fan said.

“She too pretty to come off so desperate. This is embarrassing,” another noted. 

Some fans took issue with Porsha not giving other men a fair shot.

“So no other man she had, had all that,” one follower asked.

“I love Porsha but that wasn’t the man for her sorry she could’ve did 100,000 times better for sure,” a viewer said.

Dish Nation replayed the scene on social media—and added Porsha’s comeback to critical fans. 

“What problems did they have?” Porsha asked. “The fact that I chose somebody that has a job? The fact that I chose somebody that – I want to know what problem. We women these days need to pick the right men, honey! Need to pick a man with a job, with a good head on his shoulders, he want a family, all of them things was checked off honey so it went down!”

Porsha revealed her latest breakup with Dennis in December 2019, after calling off an engagement then becoming “re-engaged” earlier that year. The duo sought couple’s therapy after their daughter was born, where Dennis confessed to cheating on Porsha during her pregnancy.

Porsha Williams

The news crushed Porsha and strained the couple’s relationship, prompting the reality star to admit to producers that they had moved too fast in their relationship and in their decision to have a child. Dennis worked to regain Porsha’s trust, but by the time Season 13 premiered, the couple had split. 

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