RHOD’s D’Andra Simmons Facing Memory Loss After Being Hospitalized With COVID-19!

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D’Andra Simmons is concerned about the long term after-effects of having Covid-19. 

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“I’m really scared about the fatigue because … I’m having a hard time sleeping,” the Real Housewives of Dallas star recently told Page Six. “So then if I don’t sleep, I can’t get the rest I need for healing. And also the body aches are lingering. As far as the memory loss, I haven’t had as much of that as my husband has, but that’s my biggest fear in the world, is losing my cognitive ability.”

D’Andra Simmons

The reality star was hospitalized with coronavirus in December and later commented that she was happy to have been released from the COVID ward just in time to ring in the new year at home. 

The 51-year-old reality star’s rep confirmed her diagnosis in late December and revealed that she had been admitted to the Covid ward at UT Southwestern Hospital. The rep shared some details about her condition to Page Six. 

D’Andra Simmons

“Her oxygen levels were borderline and she will start Remdesivir,” her rep said. “At this time we ask you to respect her and family’s privacy and to send your prayers for a speedy recovery.” 

D’Andra’s bout with the dangerous virus inspired her to create a product, currently in the development stage, to help boost cognitive functions. 

“A lot of people that have been through COVID like myself, have noticed the cognitive decline, the memory loss,” she told the outlet. 

D’Andra Simmons

D’Andra has managed to maintain her sense of humor throughout her ordeal. 

“I will tell you the silver lining for me for COVID, you’re going to laugh your head off,” she said. “So, of course, I gained that quarantine 15, 20 like everybody else, I sat home and ate the whole time. So I plumped up. You can see that on the show. But then now having COVID I lost the COVID 15, 20!”


The Bravo star spoke to Hollywood Life about her experience, earlier this week.  

“I was actually in a COVID ward,” D’Andra told HollywoodLife during an episode of TVTalk on Instagram Live, on Monday. “It was three nurses to one COVID patient and I went from being the most severe to the middle to OK, it’s now time to go home. I was in a place where I was on oxygen.”

D'Andra Simmons

“The problem with me is I wasn’t breathing,” D’Andra said. “I was having a hard time breathing and I had the pulse oximeter. Mine was below 85. Below 90 is not good and that’s when I went to the hospital and they decided to admit me which was the right decision due to the temperature and the breathing. I was on oxygen and came home with oxygen and luckily I haven’t had to use it since I’ve been home.”

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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