‘RHOA’: Kandi Burruss’ BFF DonJuan BLASTS Kenya Moore For Lack Of Donations At Kandi’s Charity Event!

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On the last episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, we watched the ladies support Kandi Burruss‘ charity, Kandi Cares, by helping give back to the community. 

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On the day of the food drive, we learned that both Porsha Williams and Drew Sidora donated $5k to Kandi Cares. Marlo donated the same amount to Kandi at the event, while the ladies were taking a lunch break. Unsurprisnigly, Kenya Moore threw a ton of shade in her green-screen interviews.

Not only did Kenya shade Porsha about arriving to Kandi‘s event on time (Porsha showed up to Kenya‘s event more than an hour late), but the former beauty queen shaded Marlo‘s donation, assuming Marlo received a nice tip from her sugar daddy. 

During Kandi‘s green-screen interview, she hinted that some of the ladies were less giving than others, and the ones that she thought would come through for her and her charity, didn’t. Kandi‘s BFF and business partner, DonJuan Clark, confirmed that Kenya wasn’t very charitable during a chat about the event on Kandi‘s YouTube series, ‘Speak On It.’ 

“I think the women came out they were sweating — we had the shields on because we were social distancing. So I think I was good with all of that,” DonJuan began. “I’m just being honest, some of the people I feel like you be riding, riding, for them and they may have gave a little time, but other people was really like, ‘I’m putting my money where my [mouth is]…this is great.'”

Kandi interjected, noting that “everybody don’t put their money where their mouth is.” However, DonJuan wasn’t trying to hear that. He explained that some of the ladies in the group claim to have money and are always talking about their coins, but when it comes to charity, they hide their purses. Namely Kenya

“And you know, I could buy an ice sculpture for an event, but I can’t feed some people? Okay. I’m just being honest.” DonJuan added, calling out Kenya on the surprise engagement party she threw for Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill.

Kenya Moore

DonJuan also admitted to having a soft spot for Porsha. If you recall, Porsha left a bad taste in Kandi and the Kandi Koated Gang’s mouths when Porsha accused Kandi and her husband Todd of trying to drug her and rape her. DonJuan said that Porsha stepping up and showing up for Kandi‘s charity unthawed the icebox in his heart for her. 

Kandi agreed, adding that Porsha‘s actions really surprised her and made her want to “rock with” Porsha a little bit harder. 

Watch Kandi and DonJuan speak on Kenya‘s uncharitable donations below!

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