Duggar Family SLAMMED For Hosting Huge, Maskless NYE Bash!

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The Duggar family has come under fire for hosting a large New Year’s Eve bash—with fans blasting the TV clan for ignoring safety concerns amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The Sun recently reported that Reddit users had uncovered photos and videos of guests partying at Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s home, celebrating with a large group of people in addition to the huge family crew. 


Shared Instagram posts confirm that the crowd was maskless and that lots of people celebrated by singing. The family also hosted their annual ugly sweater Christmas party and gathered together again on Christmas day. Masks were evidently not part of the group’s holiday attire. 

Many in the Duggar family complied with safety protocols in the early days of the health crisis, but Jill Duggar and her immediate family appear to be alone when it comes to wearing masks around groups of people. 

Jinger Duggar has used her platform to promote the recommended health guidelines but has been slammed in recent days for not practicing what she preaches. Jinger and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, have been seen wearing masks in public, but fans seem to believe that their compliance is motivated by a desire to fit in with their new Los Angeles neighbors. 

Jinger was busted by fans after posing in a close family photo snapped in Arkansas, in June, after arriving from a hot-spot state. 

The snap set her up to be hit with criticism after weighing in on the virus in a reflective, year-end Instagram post. 

“2020, what a year it’s been. Many people have suffered more this year than they ever have before,” Jinger captioned a couple photo. 

“Many have wept over the loss of a loved one. Countless have lost their source of income. Depression and anxiety running rampant as the future remains uncertain,” she continued.

“I have been pondering the reality of what has taken place this past year. It’s a year that has shaken not only the US but the entire world.”

“How easy it is for us to place our confidence in health, finances, or even government,” she continued.

“I have been reminded more over the past year of the truth of God’s ultimate control over all things. Who could’ve predicted at the beginning of 2020 that it would’ve unfolded the way it did?” Jinger added. “And yet, none of what has taken place this past year is a surprise to God. He is still in control. He is still on His throne. His promises are still true.”

“One truth that I want to consistently remind myself of this year is that, regardless of the circumstances, we CAN have perfect peace because our HOPE is in Heaven,” she concluded. 

Fans pointed out that she had not been directly impacted by the virus or by economic hardship. 

“Actions speak louder than words, jerm&jinj,” one follower noted.

“Easy to say when you have no expenses, rent, or a mortgage. Or a job to worry about losing for that matter. Tone deaf morons,” another wrote. 

The Duggar family show—“Counting On” streams on new streaming service, discovery+, which launched on January 4.  

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