EXCLUSIVE: Jamal Bryant’s Ex Girlfriend Spills MORE Shocking Secrets About His FAKE Relationship With Gizelle & Backs Up Monique Samuels’ Receipts!

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AllAboutTheTea.com conducted an exclusive interview with Jamal Bryant’s former girlfriend, Tunya Griffin, and she spilled piping hot tea about their 8-year relationship.

Many topics were discussed — from Jamal and Gizelle Bryant faking their reconciliation for a storyline, to Jamal’s various children and his overlapping relationship with Tweet and Phaedra Parks.

In regards to Jamal and Gizelle’s rekindled romance being faked for reality TV.

“The context of the text messages is that Jamal Bryant had a speaking engagement in Buffalo, New York. He sent me a text and asked if I could meet him in Buffalo. I had heard the rumors about Gizelle and Jamal. In fact, my sister sent a screenshot of Jamal and Gizelle at the Dave Chapelle show.” Tunya tells AllAboutTheTea.com.

She continued, “So I wanted to ask the question, ‘Are you putting your family back together? Are you an item?’ because that was definitely being spread in the social media world. His response to me was, ‘This is for reality TV.’ He understood that if he was going to pursue a full relationship with Gizelle this was not going to work. I would not see him in Buffalo, so he knew he needed to answer that question.”

Jamal Bryant

Tunya Griffin, who is pastor herself, provided photos of Jamal in bed and in his home, plus much more. Plus she shared her thoughts on the dramatic Real Housewives of Potomac reunion and Jamal’s comments about Monique Samuels and Chris Samuels.

Jamal Bryant

When asked if she felt Jamal lures women in the church by using his position of power — Tunya agreed and dove deep into Jamal’s mental manipulation.

Jamal Bryant

Tunya Griffin addressed all of Jamal’s claims that he made about her in the video with his upside down binder.

Also, she spoke about Gizelle Bryant’s role in the lie about reconciling with Jamal.

“The facts are Gizelle and Jamal conspired together to tell the lie. And now that it’s crumbling under the weight of the truth, they are grasping at straws.” Tunya tells AllAboutTheTea.com in the video below. “Gizelle created an environment for a lie and now she wants to blame everyone else. She wants to blame Monique because she had the verifiable proof that what you were putting out there to the world was a lie.”

Jamal Bryant

Tunya explained that she met Jamal in 2011 when he slid in her DMs and she says that the couple had a sexual relationship.

“I met Jamal in 2011. Some girlfriends who had exposure to his ministry asked if I would accompany them to hear him preach so I did. That night, Jamal was selling his book, World War Me. I purchased the book, read it, posted the next day that it was a good read and Jamal Bryant slid in my DMs.” Tunya shared with AllAboutTheTea.com.

Press play below to listen to the interview.


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