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Tamar Braxton Exposes WE tv As The REAL Reason She Attempted Suicide!

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Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton is setting the record straight about statements she made during her emotional interview with Taraji P. Henson on the actress’s new mental health-focused show, ‘Peace of Mind With Taraji.’

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Tamar Braxton

As reported, Tamar Braxton sat down with Taraji P. Henson and co-host, Tracie Jade Jenkins, and revealed that she attempted to take her own life because she thought her 7-year-old son, Logan, would be better off without her. 

Tamar Braxton

Logan was the reason why I made that decision. I just felt like he deserved better. I felt like I was embarrassing him, being a fool on TV,” Tamar expressed to Taraji as she broke down into tears. “You thought he would be better without you?” a shocking Taraji asked for clarification. “I thought in that moment,” Tamar replied. 

Tamar Braxton

Now, the singer has taken to Twitter to clarify the statements she made on the show while dragging WE tv in the process.

“Excuse me… once again wetv has taken themselves out of the headlines,” Tamar began in a string of now-deleted tweets, making it clear that WE tv, the network that has been home to the Braxton family’s reality show for nearly 10 years, played a major part in the decision to end her life.

Tamar Braxton

“It wasn’t my son per say, it was what was continuously aired on that network that was effecting my son and reputation. They WOULD NOT terminate working together after I told them it was killing me. Periodt.”

Tamar continued to rant, calling out the network for its toxic environment that she claims drove her to the point of no end.

Tamar Braxton

“We are not going to continue with the narrative that ‘Tamar is crazy’ let’s not forget the toxic work environment, being underpaid, overworked, and the angry black woman syndrome, stealing the rights to the show that i created issues with wetv. I don’t know why that was left out. I didn’t just wake up one day and loose my mind. the truth is I have been MISERABLE and in an abusive/slave work relationship for a decade,” she went on to claim. “My son is the BEST thing thT has happened to me. And for me, that was ANOTHER relationship that was going to be ruined by those evil people.”

Insinuating that WE tv is still holding her hostage within her contract, Tamar revealed that she’s still in a fight with the network.

“And to this day.. they STILL are trying to strong arm me into signing over EVERYTHING…even my right to tell my entire story and what they have done. They lied and told y’all that we were parting ways.. but left out that ‘if she walks away quietly’ with NOTHING!! fck @wetv.”

Tamar Braxton

As reported, back in October, Tamar put WE tv on blast for using her attempted suicide to promote the new season ofBraxton Family Values.”

“After waking up to that disgusting trailer…F–K @wetv and whomever else participating for using my pain for their pleasure and ratings‼️” Tamar captioned an Instagram photo promoting her Oct. 28 appearance on “Tamron Hall.”

Tamar Braxton


Tamar officially cut ties with WE tv in July, after sending a letter accusing network heads of making her “suicidal” for “destroying a great black family,” only weeks before her prescription pill overdose. 

Despite Tamar’s decision to stop doing business with the network, WE tv still aired “Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life!” in September and the new season of Braxton Family Valuesis currently airing.


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