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Lisa Vanderpump Gives Ex-BFF Kyle Richards ‘Death Stares’ During Awkward Run-In at L.A. Restaurant!

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Kyle Richards

Lisa Vanderpump reportedly fired “death stares” in the direction of her former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills bestie, Kyle Richards, after the duo crossed paths in a Los Angeles restaurant. 

Kyle Richards

A source dished to Life and Style, after spotting the duo sitting in L.A. hotspot, SHU Sushi House Unico, separated by only a few tables. The onlooker described a tense scene at the local eatery.  

Kyle Richards

“It’s a small restaurant, so they were just a few tables apart,” an onlooker revealed to the outlet in their December 7 issue. “Everyone was looking at them. It was like waiting for a bomb to go off.”  

“You could cut the tension with a knife,” the snitch added.

Kyle Richards

The insider claimed that Lisa was exhibiting some passive-aggressive behavior during the awkward restaurant encounter. Lisa reportedly shot her former RHOBH co-star nasty glances, along with a snarky smile. 

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Lisa was smirking and shooting Kyle death stares while Kyle pretended not to notice,” the spy continued. “It’s obvious they’ll never be friends again.”

Kyle Richards

The Daily Mail reported the chilly run-in, which went down on November 6. Kyle was seen enjoying a night out with several gal pals, including frequent RHOBH drop-in, Faye Resnick. Lisa arrived at the restaurant with Ken and one of their Pomeranian pooches. Kyle was snapped wearing a fuzzy black jacket and a tan Birkin bag. Lisa was sporting an all black outfit, white tennis shoes, and a sparkly face mask. The pup rocked a sporty pink number with black stripes. 

Fans of the series know that Lisa and Kyle experienced a harsh fallout during Season 9, after Kyle accused Lisa of leaking a negative story about Dorit Kemsley to Radar Online. Lisa denied leaking stories to outlets many times, but Kyle wasn’t convinced during the frenemy face-off at Lisa’s Beverly Hills mansion, Villa Rosa. After the duo had it out over the drama dubbed “Puppy Gate” Lisa and her husband, Ken Todd, kicked Kyle out of their home. 

Kyle Richards

Kyle gave a nod to the past drama earlier this year, responding to a supportive fan on Twitter who commented that Kyle’s motives were pure during the confrontation at Villa Rosa.   

“#FACT- [Kyle Richards] was a good friend to [Lisa Vanderpump] – she went over to the house to TRY to get the TRUTH,” the fan noted, to which Kyle replied, “thank you.” 

Lisa Vanderpump

Kyle spoke about running into Lisa twice at Neiman Marcus during an April Watch What Happens Live appearance, before describing their most recent encounter at a restaurant. 

“The second time I saw her she didn’t see me and I sort of hid to be honest. But this last time I saw her at a restaurant and I was passing her table and they sat us right next to each other,” Kyle revealed. “And I said to the hostess, ‘Really? Really?’ So I said, ‘Hello,’ and, to be honest, she was short.” 

Kyle Richards

Kyle went in for a hug from Ken—but he shot down the offer. 

“Why are you giving me a hug? I kicked you out of our home,” Ken reportedly responded. 

“I can still give you a hug, Ken,” Kyle remembered saying. “Because I do care about them. But that was the last time I saw them. And I haven’t seen them since or heard from them.”

According to an October report by Daily Mail, Lisa was spotted dining near Kyle and her RHOBH co-stars, Lisa Rinna and Dorit Kemsley amid the Season 11 filming season. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently in production.


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