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Kelly Clarkson BLASTS Estranged Husband For Defrauding Her Out Of Millions!

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Kelly Clarkson

The war is heating up between Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock. Kelly is claiming that her estranged husband has defrauded her out of a fortune, and has legally moved to recoup her riches.

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Kelly filed legal documents with the California Labor Commission on Thursday, alleging that Brandon— her former manager—swindled her by charging her outrageous fees. The “American Idol” alum alleged that her estranged ex never even obtained a license, and was operating as a talent agent illegally.  

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly, a longtime top earner within the music industry, wants the massive commission cash back, after being repped by Brandon’s company, Starstruck Management, for 13 years. 

Bryan Freeman, attorney for Starstruck, spoke to TMZ about Kelly’s complaint. 

“The labor petition conveniently ignores the fact that Kelly had her own licensed talent agency CAA at all times. While Starstruck Management Group provided talent management services on her behalf, it did so at all times that CAA was her agency of record.”  

“It is unfortunate that Kelly is again attempting to avoid paying commissions that are due and owing to Starstruck to try and achieve some perceived advantage in her ongoing custody and divorce proceedings,” he added. 

Kelly Clarkson

Starstruck Management sued Kelly in September, alleging that the superstar owed the company $1.4 million in commissions. 

This is only the latest maneuver in what has become a bitter divorce.

As reported—Kelly and Brandon have been battling over custody of their two kids, River, 6, and Remington, 4. Brandon, who will be living at the ex-couple’s Montana ranch, wanted joint custody of the kids and have them go back and forth between Montana and L.A., where Kelly lives.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly’s attorney made a case that Blackstock’s idea of the back and forth would be damaging to the kids. The judge agreed, noting, “The court finds that the minor children are not now and have not been residents of Montana and that California is their home state.”

The judge awarded Kelly and Brandon joint custody, however, Kelly will have primary custody of the kids in L.A. Brandon will have the kids on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th weekends every month, but the 3rd weekend is the only time the kids will travel to Montana to spend time with him. On the 1st and 5th, Brandon will have to spend time with the kids in L.A.

Kelly Clarkson

There are a few stipulations that come with the legal custody agreement: Kelly nor Brandon are allowed to bad-mouth each other in front of the kids and they cannot drink alcohol or smoke marijuana within 8 hours of driving a car with the kids in-tow.

Following the judge’s decision, Brandon is now seeking $436k a month—$301k in spousal and $135k in child support—from Kelly. He’s also asking for $2 million to cover his attorney’s fees.

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