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Cynthia Bailey Confronted Gizelle Bryant About ‘Unsafe’ Wedding Comments!

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Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey has confirmed that she wasn’t happy with Gizelle Bryant after the Real Housewives of Potomac star claimed that she exited the Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s wedding bash early because guests were removing their masks. 

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Gizelle sounded off about Cynthia marrying Mike Hill during a pandemic, shading her guests for seemingly disrespecting the safety protocols put in place by the bride and groom. Cynthia revealed that she reached out to Gizelle after she spoke out during a post-wedding appearance on Watch What Happens Live. 

Gizelle Bryant

“I left because people started taking their masks off. I just felt very nervous,” Gizelle told host, Andy Cohen. 

Gizelle claimed that while the safety guidelines were initially followed, people began to relax the rules when it came time to eat and drink. 

Cynthia set the record straight during an interview with Insider, noting that despite various comments and shared photos of uncovered faces at the event, no positive Covid-19 cases emerged after the large October 10 celebration. 

Cynthia reiterated that all precautions were put in place and most were followed. 

Cynthia Bailey

“One of the things that we didn’t think about was a lot of our guests, whenever they took photos, they wanted to take the mask off for the picture and then put it back on,” she said. “So a lot of the photos that ended up being out on the internet don’t show them with masks. We got a lot of pushback because of that.”

Cynthia accepted the unavoidable internet snaps, but took issue with Gizelle painting the event in a negative light and commenting that there were moments of “chaos.” She noted that Gizelle was aware that 200 people had been invited to participate during a difficult period of time. 

“I didn’t really appreciate that,” she said. “Another thing that we did for our guests was we gave them transparency. We told them how many people were coming. We told them all the safety precautions that we had in place. So, you know, she was not walking into a situation blindly.”

“She was supplied a mask. I don’t know if she ever really put it on, but she was supplied one,” she added. “And we did everything on our end to enforce the rules and regulations, and she had her shield on the whole time.”

Gizelle Bryant

As reported—Gizelle’s co-star, Karen Huger, weighed in on her comments about the RHOA beauty’s nuptials during an interview with DJ Richie Sky, last month.   

“The level of commitment she took for our safety…we were prescreened before the wedding,” Karen explained. “We had shields, we had masks, we had both. And I thank you for this question because what was so disheartening to me was when Gizelle took to ‘Watch What Happens Live’ and said she felt unsafe.” 

“I just talked to my good friend Cynthia Bailey no more than four days ago and all the reports were almost four weeks out. Not one person from her wedding test positive with Covid, okay?” Karen added. “So I just felt like thank God, that’s a blessing, that’s a commitment to what Mike and Cynthia…the effort they put forward. And they told people please don’t come. You don’t have to come. So here’s my thing, the people who showed up, we truly love these people. We truly love this couple.”

Karen Huger

Karen snitched that Cynthia was “not happy” about Gizelle’s comments, and openly questioned her motives, during the interview. 

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