Royce Reed Dragged For Filth After Spraying Kids Down With Lysol At Son’s Birthday Party!

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With coronavirus cases surging, people are going to extreme measures to stay safe. And for that, Basketball Wives alum, Royce Reed, is being ridiculed. 

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A video surfaced on social media of the reality star taking the temperatures of kids and adults before stepping into her son Braylon’s birthday party. Seems pretty proper. But it was what Royce Reed did next that startled fans. The ex of Lakers player, Dwight Howard, began heavily spraying attendees down with Lysol. 

The dancer posted the video to Instagram with the caption, “I play no games! Surprise birthday party for @braylon_howard_official #datboybraylon.”

Royce was smart enough to turn her comments off of the video, but when she posted another video, she left her comment section open for fans to speak their minds. And they did.  

“If you have to do all that spraying in them kids face like then please don’t have a party and invite anyone ??‍♀️”

“But why you spray the kids with Lysol like that. That’s not safe.?”

“Stay home. It’s really not that f*cking hard. People are dying and you’re over here celebrating. Smh ?‍♀️”

One fan took a minute to educate Royce on her decision to spray the partygoers down.

“I guess you didn’t read the instructions on the Lysol….” the fan began. “your not supposed to inhale it. Its more toxic than the virus you trying to kill. You can cause those kids to have asthmatic attach or bronchial inflammation that can cause serious respiratory inflammation!!! The ignorance!”

Royce replied to one of the comments, saying, “orrrr if I actually KNEW YOU and you were invited, you could’ve declined the invite that specifically stated spray down.” 

Royce Reed shares Braylon with Dwight Howard. In October, the now 13-year-old called his dad out for being a deadbeat. “As of right now, I hate you … and I’m not saying this because someone told me to. I actually hate you,” Braylon tearfully told his NBA dad through a video shared online.


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