Pam Long Of 90’s Group Total Admits She LIED About Cyntoia Brown Long’s Husband R*ping Her When They Were Married!

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Total singer, Pam Long, has admitted that she lied about her ex-husband, Jamie Long, sexually abusing her during their marriage. 

Pam took to social media to post her video confession. 

“I come before you today with deep regrets concerning a statement that I’m about to make. On October the 20th, 2019 for my show Pam’s World, I made a comment about my ex-husband Jamie Long. And that comment was that he forces himself on women, and right after that I said ‘do you remember that night?'” Pam said in the video share. 

Pam Long

Pam admitted that her accusation was a lie. 

“Basically I was telling the world that my ex-husband forced himself on me sexually, and that was a lie,” she added. “Jamie I’m sorry for what it is that I have said about you. I’m sorry for the shame that I have brought to your name, to your family, to you, your wife, your mom, your sister, and those who love you.”

Jamie denied his ex-wife’s disturbing allegation at the time. 

Several of the singer’s followers expressed concern in the post’s comment section, with some remarking that the video appeared forced.  


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