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Ashley Darby Wants Nothing To Do With Candiace Dillard Following Her Homophobic Scandal!

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Ashley Darby

Ashley Darby and Candiace Dillard’s relationship has not improved since the violent altercation between Candiace and her Real Housewives of Potomac co-star, Monique Samuels. 

Ashley Darby was not present when the cast brawl broke out during a winery outing, but stayed loyal to Monique, partially because she stood by her after Ashley’s husband, Michael, was accused of inappropriately touching a camera operator, last season. Wendy Osefo, Gizelle Bryant, and Robyn Dixon sided with Candiace after the incident, leaving only Ashley and Karen Huger in Monique’s corner. 

Ashley spoke out about her splintered relationship with Candiace after the October 17 episode, revealing that little had changed since the fight, which went down a year ago. The duo was friendly during Season 3, but fell out only a season later. Candiace waved a butter knife at Ashley during one squabble, and later tweeted nasty things about her co-star while she was pregnant and giving birth to her child. 

“My opinion hasn’t really changed. Monique is well aware that I am not ok with what she did…we’ve been very clear about that,” Ashley said on “In The Know.” 

“She also knows that irrespective of that action I still support her as a friend and I still care about her and I’m still going to have her back, no matter what,” she added. 

Ashley added that that both Monique and Candiace have strong opinions, but lack communication skills. 

“The way that their flight happened was because they weren’t communicating with each other,” Ashley remarked. 

Ashley revealed that her relationship with Candiace does not improve as Season 5 rolls on. 

“Things don’t really improve between Candiace and I,” Ashley revealed. “We just can’t seem to get along.” 

“There are elements about Candiace’s character and who she is…she has some sort of hate in her heart,” Ashley added.

Ashley Darby later noted that the cast divide “runs deep.”

Press play below to watch the full interview. 

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