Lil Wayne’s Daughter & ‘GUHH’ Star Reginae Carter DRAGGED On Social Media After Unveiling New Boobs!

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Former Growing Up Hip-Hop Atlants star, Reginae Carter shocked her 5.4million followers when she unveiled her new boobs on Instagram. On Halloween night, the daughter of Lil Wayne posted a video, showing off a black and white, fringed ensemble, but fans immediately zoomed in on her chest.

“You got your chest done ??” a fan asked. “definitely showing off the new girls ?,” another fan said.

Reginae Carter didn’t respond to the accusations. Instead, the 21-year-old continued to post photos showing off her new rack—and fans kept coming for her.

“Is that surgery I see miss I’m not changing myself ?” a fan wrote under one of Reginae‘s photos. Some fans called out  Lil Wayne‘s eldest for being a hypocrite after years and years of preaching self-love and claiming that she would never be pressured into changing her body.

In September, Reginae Carter blasted trolls for criticizing her natural body during an Instagram Live sesh.

“I love being me man, I love walking in my own skin, I love my lil boobs, I love my lil butt, I love me, I love me,” Reginae said. “You not gone make me not love me. Ok, you not gone make me ok. And if I do want to change anything about my body, that’s on me. You will never make me change nothing about myself I love me.”

Reginae Carter

“Can’t nobody tell me I’m not a baddie,” Reginae said. “like… Can’t nobody bro! Nobody! This is me. Natural. Pretty. Lovely.”

Now, fans are throwing Reginae‘s words back in her face after showing off her obvious boob job. With comments like “I thought you said no surgery ?” and “Somebody look like they got Implants,” fans were no longer convinced by Reginae‘s self-love talk. However, in a sea of shady comments, many of Reginae‘s fans showed her love and embraced her new body.

In 2018, Reginae Carter and her mom, Toya Wright, announced that they quit Growing Up Hip-Hop Atlanta after claiming the show unfairly painted Reginae to look like a “brat.”



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