Ayesha Curry DRAGGED For New Blonde Hair — Fans Say She Looks ‘Like A Karen’!

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Ayesha Curry is being dragged on social media after posting a few photos, showing off her new blonde hair.

The wife of Stephen Curry recently took to Instagram and posted a boomerang of herself and her baller hubby with the caption, “Mom goes blonde (temporarily).” Some of Ayesha‘s fans flocked to her comment section with words of praise like, “Ummm@m what?! OKAYYYY,” and “Yessss versatility! come thru w the change up.”


However, there were a lot of haters on Twitter who were not here for Ayesha‘s new look at all. Trolls pointed out that, not only did the mom-of-three sport a new ‘do, but she also had light-colored eyes. They began tweeting jokes and memes of Ayesha, and comparing her to white women. Here’s what a few had to say:

“Wow!!!!! Ayesha is really going through an identity crisis. All I see is a White Woman. #AyeshaCurry #B1 #NoAntiBlackness #NoAntiBlackRacism.” 

sis went from Ayesha Curry to Ashleigh Curry

“I’m sorry but Ayesha Curry looks like a Karen now.”

“Ayesha Curry coming out as a white woman was the biggest twist of 2020″

“wait that’s ayesha curry? i thought he got caught cheating w a white b*tch lmfaoooooo”

“Whether it be the recent Ayesha Curry look or the Kylie Jenner transformation from very white girl to Middle Eastern model. The point is always to move the women away from their origins. You lose the women, then society as a whole, along with communities, lose their identity.”

As always, Stephen Curry had his wife’s back. The Golden State point guard found his way to Ayesha‘s comment section on Instagram and defended her.

“You beautiful baby. And don’t you let anybody tell you differently ok? I mean it. There’s just a bunch of meanies out there and I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit. Do you boo boo. P.S. If the wig falls off I won’t tell anybody, I promise. Pinky promise. It be hilarious though, but won’t anybody know. Wait- that’s been you in this bed the whole time??? I ain’t even know. Now I’m tripping ??”

Ayesha Curry

Ayesha hopped back on Twitter with a message for those who had a lot to say about her temporary look. “It’s the fun wig for a switch up and extremely common IG filter we all use from time to time for me… I just… y’all be taking this stuff wayyy to serious.”

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